Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Celebratory Society

Celebratory Soceity

Mel, in her infinite wisdom, and her ability to always seem to know exactly what I need, came up with a new idea...

Think of this as the most interesting delurking project you'll ever participate in.  After giving back to others at the Celebratory Society, I have decided to participate in it myself.  You can understand the project in full by clicking here, but in brief, the Celebratory Society is an online festschrift for a blogger--a way for you to tell me what my blog or actions mean to you.  

It feels weird to be asking for compliments but after the last year month week day I have had I could really use it. But this isn't just about me--this is about you too.  And I would love it if you returned to your own blog, started your own Celebratory Society post, added it to the main project list, and gave me the opportunity to tell you


Lollipop Goldstein said...

I am honoured that I get to be your first one. First of all, I cannot explain how excited I was to meet you this year. I mean, literally getting to meet you and hug you. As well as meet you and start reading you online. This has been a crap time and you write so eloquently. I often want to reach through Google Reader or the comment section and give you a hug.

Piccinigirl said...

this is my first visit to your before I write, I wanted to read..and I did.
I read your "favorite post" and it told me all I need to know about you.

WOW, you're amazing and if you write like this all the time , then you are an honest, caring and human woman.

I like your blog because even though it looks "rainy" I can tell you still believe and try to live in the sun.

I'll be following, if that's ok.

Another Dreamer said...

I love reading your perspectives on life's issues, and being able to connect on so many. Your writing style is wonderful, and you always get that deeper meaning across. Your support of me on my blog has always meant so much, and you are always so kind and supportive of others no matter how much you already have going on yourself. You are a wonderful person.

sparklythings said...

hey michelle - first thanks for coming by my blog to serve up some compliments. i really appreciate that! mel's projects are always so amazing and you never know who you'll find along the way.

i have been reading up on your blog and see that you have had a tough time recently. on top of the fun times IF deals out. but you are hanging tough! good for you! i like that you mention your family - whether they are doing what you want or not - it means you are involved with them and close to them. i am always surprised how many people do not stay connected to their families.

i'll come check on you again! thanks once more for your comment on my blog!


Dora said...

Michelle, you ROCK! You have been through such a rough time, but your attitude is awesome. Of course you're entitled to your complaints, but you are such a great support for others, and such a great aunt. You will be an incredible mom someday. Hope that day comes soon!

Kristin said...

Michelle, you are AMAZING! I read your Favorite post and your What IF post and am overwhelmed at the fact that everything you have been through hasn't conquered your generous,thoughtful nature. I am truly impressed with the way you stepped up to help your mom with her job. You are a very special person and you will be an incredible mommy one day.