Saturday, May 8, 2010

Driving myself crazy!

This week has been kind of a crazy week. My mom had to fly down to Florida because my grandmother is not doing well at all. They are trying to figure out what to do with her since she can not be alone because she can't take care of herself. It is basically a mess and it is very aggravating to me the way my mom and Aunts are handling this but anyway...

So my mother has a job where she delivers and picks up parts from transmission shops basically all over the southern half of our state. It is crazy that she does this. I mean she drives thousands and thousands of miles a month and does not make hardly any money for it especially when you figure she basically has to get a new car every year because driving this much ruins her cars. Plus the gas, regular maintenance and the time. We have tried to tell her it makes no sense that she does this job but she does not listen. So anyway, this last week she told them she had to go to Florida to see her mother that was sick and they told her she had to find someone to cover for her and do her route. Now this route goes hours away from where she lives and she has to do it EVERY DAY. She told them off and told them they would have to find someone because they could not prevent her from going since it was an emergency. She then thought since I needed some money and I could use her car she asked me if I wanted to do it. My first reaction was NO WAY! But after some thought I realized I could use some extra money due to my current financial situation and since it really would not do anything to me because I would use her car I thought sure I would do it.

Well, let me tell you...that job sucks. First my mom tells me how she loves the new car she got. I HATE it!!! I felt like I was fighting with the car the whole time about whether or not it wanted to stay on the road. Of course I got all the stops that she said she hoped I would not get since they were so far away and hard to find. I also am a person that gets stressed out when I am driving in unfamiliar territory. Once I have been there once it is not bad but if I have no idea I HATE IT! Well seeing as so far on the 2 days I have done it all the stops have been different except one it has not been easy. On the first day after driving forever I got to the last stop and realized that I forgot to pick up a part at the previous stop I then had to backtrack 35 miles and go pick it up. It sucked! Plus I was using my moms GPS and when I had it take me home it led me right into construction hell. It took forever to get home. I would have used my phone GPS that tells when there is a traffic back up or construction but I do not have a car charger for it yet so the phone would have died when I needed it most. So there I was stuck and going crazy. It was very FRUSTRATING!

Then yesterday it was stormy and rainy and the GPS kept going out on me. I would call my mother and she tried to tell me she never had that problem with GPS on rainy days but I find that hard to believe. It did clear up later and I was able to finish without having to call my mom every 5 minutes to find out where to go. All I have to say is THANK GOD for GPS! I would have never done it had it not been for that wonderful piece of technology.

So I have 1 more day on Monday to do this and then I am done. The only thing I worry about is now my mom is talking about all this time she wants to take off and have me fill in. I told her I did want to do it for the next 24 days so I could make enough for my bankruptcy. She laughed so I am taking that as a No. Oh well, pray that Monday goes better then Thurs and Fri. went.

Today, I am feeling crappy! My sinuses are horrible and I feel like someone has knocked me over the head. tomorrow is mother's day and since my mom is not around I will be going to MIL's and I am nervous about that. We still have not talked to her and it is going to get quite unavoidable since she is expecting us to make our monthly payment to her. UGH!

I do have to say that this last week has not been the dreaded week before Mother's Day it usually is. I think its has made a big difference not working. There is no one around that is constantly saying, "what are your mother's day plans...etc"  So that is good...I guess.

Anyway, I hope all is well your way and for all the Mothers I really hope you have a WONDERFUL MOTHER"S DAY!



Another Dreamer said...

Sounds awful having to drive all around like that in such craziness. And sorry about your grandma and having to face the MIL- much strength for that. Thinking of you.

Sunny said...

Getting caught up... I'm so sorry about all the money drama and continued IF disappointment. I wish I had stacks of cash so I could help. While I wait for that winning lottery ticket, I'll keep praying for you.

Regarding your comment on my blog... there is still hope we will get together! My in-laws still live there, as do my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. In fact, DH and I have three brothers between us who are about to be engaged, so I'm sure we'll be visiting quite a bit! That would be awesome to meet up. :)

battynurse said...

See I had always thought a job like that would be fun although I would never use my own car for it. I had tried for a while to get courier positions but the company always provided a car.
Hope your weekend and mother's day go relatively well and hope that Monday is much better than Thur/Fri were.

Jamie said...

I could never do a job like that - I just don't like being in my car that much. I can NOT believe they don't provide your mother a car/gas/service plan. That is just ridiculous!!

I hope Monday goes well for you. Keep thinking about that pay check!