Tuesday, January 19, 2010


For all those that do not know. I received an email from RESOLVE regarding 6 bills that are being voted on tomorrow. These bills are going to make things VERY difficult for people seeking IVF in Michigan. Here is the email I received. Please, if you live in MIchigan, take the few minutes to follow the links and email the senators in Michigan to vote AGAINST these bills.


Dear Michigan Residents,
RESOLVE needs your urgent and immediate action on a series of bills introduced in the Michigan State Senate that will threaten access to IVF treatments, invade the privacy of patients pursuing IVF, and take away free choice over the disposition of patients’ own surplus embryos.
The Senate Health Committee is getting ready to vote on Wednesday, January 20, 2010 on Senate Bill Nos. 647, 648, 649, 650, 651, and 652.
RESOLVE is asking Michigan residents who care about open access to the best care possible to let the Committee members know TODAY that you oppose the bills!
What you can do TODAY to make your voice heard:
1. Click here to immediately send a letter to key State Senators.  Please consider personalizing your letter by sharing some of your story.

2. Call your Senator and tell him or her to please vote against these bills. To find your Senator and their contact information, click here.  Simply tell them you are a constituent and oppose the above listed bills.
3. Come to the Senate hearing at the Senate Hearing Room in Lansing:
    Wednesday, January 20, 2010
    Time:    3: 00 p.m.
    Place:    Senate Hearing R oom
    Ground Floor, Boji Tower
    124 W. Allegan Street  
     Lansing , MI 48933
4. Forward this email to everyone you know who is a Michigan resident and ask them to call their Senator or send the letter to the key Senators.  Even if they have not been diagnosed with infertility, their voices can still be heard!
5. Post this message in your Facebook status: "Please help me fight the MI State Senate!  There are six bills up for vote WEDNESDAY that will make it hard for MI residents with infertility to access IVF.  Visit www.resolve.org/ta_stleg_MI for details. "
6. Become a "Fan of RESOLVE" on Facebook for instant updates to this legislation. Click here.
At the hearing, the Committee may hear testimony both for and against the bills.  The hearing is open to the public and RESOLVE encourages you to come to Lansing and attend.
For more detailed analysis of the bills, click here.
To read the bills, click here
These bills have nothing to do with protection of infertility patients. They have nothing to do with making care better, safer or more accessible. They are about one thing: making access to IVF more difficult and preventing a fertility patient from making decisions regarding their own treatment for a disease.
No other disease is subjected to this level of governmental scrutiny.  These provisions would go far beyond what is currently mandated by federal law.
Please say NO!  It is important that your Senators hear from you!  Click here to send your letter to key Senators including the Committee right now!
Thank you for taking action today!
Barbara Collura
Executive Director

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Busted Kate said...

I don't understand, they would take away options about what to do with leftover embryos that came from YOUR BODY? That's crazy!