Friday, January 8, 2010

It is Friday Night!

So it is Friday night and what do I a 30 something young ;0 woman have on my exciting agenda tonight. I mean since I have no children I must be planning an extravagant trip to some exotic island or planning an elaborate party for all us "child free" folks. The ones that are laughing at all you suckers...I mean parents out there who have to worry about things like a (gasp) babysitter (note the major sarcasm that you can't hear in my head...but it is there trust me!). Not me you all...My big plans...sitting at home watching a myself. Depressing isn't it?

Not only do I not get the blessing of children but I get the blessing of having finances like a family of 5 with a budget of a family of 2. It really sucks! I don't get to enjoy this time. It really bugs me! Anyway, tonight DH is going for a sleep study. He has had this referral from his doctor for over a year now but he finally is doing it. I am excited because maybe they can help his HORRIFIC snoring problem and then maybe I can spend an actual whole entire night in my own bed. AHHH to would be so nice! You see since I am not working right now I am the nice wife and I go out on the couch so I do not have to hit him every 5 minutes to tell him to SHUT UP or ROLL OVER (which never works). So here is hoping that all goes well. I was suppose to go for this sleep study as well. The problem is, I am not sure what they would study since my problem is terrible insomnia. They want you to come in from 9:00 to 6:00. So basically they would study me for an hour or two. Who can fall asleep at 9:00?   Well I do know one person...DH...but that is only because he gets up at 3:00am.

So does anyone have any big Friday night or weekend plans? Tell me and then maybe I can live vicariously through you...



Another Dreamer said...

Well, my exciting 24-year-old-and-childless plans include sitting at home watching movies, and maybe reading for a bit. Sorry, I got nothing more exciting than that going on, maybe I can live vicariously through one of your commenter's as well ;)

battynurse said...

The two times I've done sleep studies I had worked all night the night before and then stayed up all day. By the time I got there at 8 I was ready to collapse and didn't care that I had wires and shit all over me. Hope you at least enjoy your movie.

Demara said...

I snore too, and it's getting worse apparently :( so now we sleep seperate except I'm the nice wife who stays in the bed... plus, the couch is his. I only have a loveseat, and it's uncomfortable to sleep on for long periods at a time "_

I have really started liking going to sleep alone though. The bed's just not big enough for the both of us. muhahaha

Btw, my Friday night kind of looks like yours, except I feel trapped in my own home, not being able to share my fav. shows with a man who loves me. Instead, I'm told to go watch the other tv! Grr... I watch his stupid shows with him, just for the fellowship but he won't do that with me. I sweat he hates me now!

The only reason we're together is because of some stupid contract! Oh where is it now? hmmm don't know. oops! ha!

I just wish we could love eachother again.

and most of all I wish someone would hire me, so that I can make some money of my own!!! I hate when I tell HIM I need something and he says "GET A JOB THEN". Grrr...

YEAH I'M APPLYING but no one is HIRING me!

Happy Friday my friend :) said...

i napped :) then i will make dinner and go grocery shopping. pre-tty exciting :)

Andrea said...

It's Saturday night here and I am enjoying reading your blog! It is freezing cold outside and all I want to do is snuggle up and snuggle in :) See, you aren't missing a thing!

It's so easy to get bummed about having done everything right and having all the resources to give a baby and be empty armed :( I wish I had some magic words of advice to help you navigate this path, but I don't. I just try to stay busy and look for diversions, which are hard to come by, but I keep looking :)

Many hugs and hope they de-code your hubbys snoring problem so that you and get a few zzzz's. Here's to less insomnia in 2010~

Sunny said...

I spent the first half of the weekend on hospital bedrest and the second half at home on bedrest. I realize I am lucky enough to be baking a couple of beans, but "unexciting" doesn't begin to cover it.

That always bothered me about IF treatments, too... how could we enjoy our married years before kids if we were 1) sending all of our money to the RE and 2) isolating ourselves from others to protect our broken hearts? *sigh*

Elisabeth said...


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