Monday, May 17, 2010

Crap, CRap and more CRAP!!!

What a week the last week has been! It has sucked to say the least! First I worked my moms driving job on Monday and I thought things went well. there were only 2 stops and it went smoothly. There was a stop where they wanted me to pick up like 20 or so HEAVY parts. When I got there I had 6 to drop off which were VERY HEAVY and I have a bad back. My mom told me to just ask them to help. I did...they did not. They told me to back up the car and they would load it with the parts they needed to return. My mom told me to tell them I could only take back 2. I did...they got mad. They then took a lot of time to give me the paper work before I could leave. I knew they were doing it on purpose so I kept a smile on my face and just waited. It did not matter to me at all...I was getting paid by the hour. Anyway, so the next my mom went and they gave her a hard time too. She then gets a call saying they called to complain about her and me and so she was fired from that route. That is a bunch of CRAP! She has worked for them for 3 years and everyone else on that route LOVE her. They kept asking about her while she was gone. The person that called to complain made up lies about what happened. Saying either I or my mom (not clear on who he said) had thrown a part across the floor. I could barely lift them so I KNOW I did not throw them! Anyway, I was very upset and feeling really bad! It really sucks when you KNOW you did nothing wrong yet you are getting screwed! Or rather my mom got screwed. I am not sure what she is going to do now and I just would really love to give someone a piece of my mind. Please say a prayer for her that she finds something soon!

Then of course I got a SEVERE toothache at 5:00 on Friday. Does that not figure? So I had to go all night before I could get into the dentist. I never slept because I was in so much pain. It came out of no where my tooth never even twinged before and then it went from 0 to I want to shoot myself in the head in 1 minute.

I got a new cell phone and have had to send it back for a new one 3 times due to no signal at my house. The latest one I received still is not getting a signal but I am still receiving calls so I am going to wait a few days to see what happens.

I applied for a job that my resume was a perfect match for. I mean everything I had in my resume was EXACTLY what they were looking for but today I get an email saying I am not qualified for that job. I just do not even understand. These people are not even reading my resume...OBVIOUSLY. IT is so so FRUSTRATING!

This week I have a million and one things to do. I really hope this week goes much better. How are things with you? I hope well...I could use some good news!



jill said...

Ugh what a crappy week :( That is so frustrating when people say things that you know aren't true yet you can't do anything about it. Sorry that happened to you. I hope your tooth turns out to be an easy fix.

Jamie said...

Wow - that WAS a crappy week! I hope this one shapes up to be much better.

I am so sorry for your Mom. It sucks she would get fired from her route when so many people love her over something ONE person said.

I hope the job search for you ends soon. With someone who will read your resume and appreciate all you have to offer!

Another Dreamer said...

Ahh, hun. That is so rough :( (*hugs*) I hope things get better soon, and that your mom finds something. That is frustrating!

Sunny said...

Oh no, sorry about the tooth pain! Was the doc able to help get rid of it? I hope so.

That is *really* unfair about your mom's job... both that those people would lie, and that your mom's employer would let her go so easily like that. It's so tough out there, wishing her (and you) a new awesome opportunity soon. said...

man alive!!!

I hope something exciting happens, something really good!!

Piccinigirl said...

dear GAWD! What a week, you poor thing.
I'll keep both of you in my prayers that doors open soon and bring you some smiles...goodness knows after a week like that you need it.


Dora said...

Ugh! That all sucks! I think people get meaner regarding jobs in a bad economy. Hope the tooth isn't something major.

battynurse said...

Sorry it's been such a sucky week. I hope it gets better soon.

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, it's gotta get better! You and your mom both deserve better. I hope the right thing comes along soon!

Anonymous said...

omg. this does totally suck. i wondering when you are going to finally catch a break? seriously!?! you need to be able to have some positive stuff in your life! good grief!