Thursday, February 18, 2010


Ok people in Michigan or people who know people in Michigan. I received this from RESOLVE. We need your help NOW!!!! Please take a few minutes and go on over to RESOLVE now and let your voice be heard!

Dear Michelle,
The Michigan Senate is getting ready to vote on some of the worst bills we have ever seen.
Do you want the Michigan government to monitor the number of eggs women produce in infertility treatment?  Do you want the Michigan government to track the number of embryos you have, and how you choose to use them in treatment and afterwards?  Do you think it should be reported to the Michigan government if you have a miscarriage?
These are unfair intrusions for infertility patients.
Please, drop whatever you are doing and click this link NOW to join RESOLVE in opposing the bills that would make these intrusions the law.  People with infertility in Michigan deserve the same respect, options, and privacy as patients in other states! 
For details on the bills, including a link to the bill language, visit the RESOLVE website.
Every voice helps and if we have a huge flood of letters, it could make all the difference. 
Barbara Collura
Executive Director, RESOLVE
P.S.  Please forward this alert to family and friends who care about protecting the interests of people who are trying to build families!   Please also forward to any professionals who know in Michigan, including your doctor, and urge them to oppose these bills. Take Action Now!

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