Saturday, February 13, 2010

People watching

It has been a pretty boring week. The other day I had to go to the DREADED jury duty! I so did not want to go. In fact the night before I was looking up what would really happen if I did not show up. I could find nothing conclusive so I decided not risk it. Jail was not sounding like a good option.

So I went and let me tell you if you like to people watch jury duty has some real doozies. First, and of course I would not even be able to escape it here, the pregnant women that was about to pop at any moment! I mean I could not believe that she was there. We were in the bathroom together and I was imagining delivering the baby right there and what the hell I was going to do. Luckily she did not. BTW in my imagination I was a rock star at delivering babies in courthouse bathrooms due to all my television watching of such scenarios, I knew EXACTLY what to do. ;o)

Then there was the lady that never SHUT UP! She was far away from me in a room full of about 200+ people and I heard this ladies whole life story. Of course when my name got called to go to a courtroom to possible be picked for a jury...she was in my group so I got to hear more of her story as she would tell anyone who was within hearing distance of her...and that was everyone. She also had one of those voices that were more like nails going down a chalkboard. (I would not want her on my jury!)

There was the man that was wearing a...skirt. No not a kilt, like at first thought I must have seen, no this was a womans paneled skirt. Do they really let these people in? The woman that was dressed to the nines. I mean she must have thought she was going to some high class restaurant and not a Detroit courthouse or she had a real hot date after words. Then there was a women (maybe) who looked like she was no older then 12...SERIOUSLY! I chuckled thinking someone sent there child to serve in there place. and last but not least was the man sitting next to me who snored louder then my husband and that is really hard to top! I am sure there is more but I was distracted most by these people.

I did get called up to go into a courtroom and possibly get picked. We went in the room and this judge did like a full out comedy routine (our money put to good use here in the D). He was a really nice guy. He passed out candy which always gets you bonus points in my book. Then he said I have good news and bad. Everyone elected to hear the bad news first. He said I do not need you today and there fore you have to go back downstairs and maybe get picked again and this time maybe for a 2 week jury. Groans were heard throughout to which he said, "Oh sure now you like me and want to be here." The good news is, I kept you up here for almost an hour and hopefully now when you get back down they will have already selected all the jurors they need and will send you home within a couple hours. YAY.

We went back down and sat there for 30 minutes and then they dismissed all jurors. I was out of there by 11:30! I was so HAPPY!!! For this I made a whopping 25.00 - the 10.00 I spent for frickin parking! HA HA! I think I cam out on top ;0 So now I can stop looking for a job because I am retiring!!!

After seeing all these people in the jury pool...I really hope I never need to be tried by a jury of my is concerning!

We went and babysat the nephews last night. They were so much fun. We played and played and played! I made them dinner and Jo.ey even asked for seconds...UNHEARD OF! They went to bed VERY easily...probably because we ran around the house and did a whole lot of dancing. They were tired! Me TOO!

This weekend we have some major house cleaning planned...I let you know if it happens. I hope you all have a great weekend!



Eileen said...

I LOVE people watching when I get stuck woth jury duty. Last time I sat next to this chick with a Hooters shirt on. She started talking to me and confessed that she was a teacher and bought the Hooters shirt just for jury duty. She said her friends told her that no one would pick someone who had the gall to where a Hooters shirt to a courthouse. I was lauging so hard. But she didn't get picked and I did. The joke was on me. Next time I might have to stop by that wing establishment for asome apparel too.

Triumph said...

People watching, the best past-time activity.

Have a good weekend too Michelle.

battynurse said...

That is kind of funny to think about. Being tried by a Jury of your peers who all look like complete freaking idiots.

Anonymous said...

omg. i love love LOVE people watching. especially in the D. :)

when i had jury duty over the summer i brought a book, but then didn't read it since i was so distracted looking at all of the people. oh yeah, and listening to people give me assvice on how to parent since i was obviously pregnant. :(

at least you're done for another year! :) said...

omg, i would have been taking notes on all of the weirdos! hilarious! that's the only thing that stinks, you have no one to make sarcastic comments to :)

oh man oh man do i hate people who tell their life story-to strangers-when other people have to hear it!!! This drives me insane.

Woot for playing with your nephews!! Happy Valentine's day!!

Sunny said...

So you have a new career direction... JURY DUTY! Sounds lucrative... or not. :)

People watching is so interesting, and at the Detroit courthouse I imagine you would get some of the best around! We can grow our share of weirdos in Michigan, that's for sure. (Not US, of course. We are totally awesome and normal.)

jill said...

Great jury duty story :) I love that judge who tried to help you all out - what a nice guy!

I sat on a jury one time. It was a two day trial and was definitely boring at times with all the waiting around. But, I thought it was a very interesting experience.

Anonymous said...

You dodged the jury duty bullet - yay! A very late Happy Birthday to you! I miss 36... :)

Bluebird said...

I love this. I get so tickled by stories of jury duty since a) I try cases in front of juries, and b) I likely will never get to serve on one. I personally think it would be a neat experience, but at the same time. . . .?!?!?!!

And yes, juries are scary :)

sara said...

People watching is the best fun isn't it? I'm glad you got to have a short jury duty. I haven't gotten called yet and I'm dreading the day!

Jennifer said...

I found your blog from Stacey at Stacey's Thoughts on Infertility. I think people watching is great!! I never get picked for jury duty.