Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Adventures in Babysitting (kids mentioned)

This weekend we had my nephews overnight on Saturday. Well actually we went over there for the night and we had so much fun. My sis has a projector TV so we set it up in the living room and had a slumber party. We rented G Force but the movie was dark and the kids lost interest very fast so we put in Alvin and the Chipmunks.

My nephews were so cute. they were very excited about the slumber party. We first took them to the mall and they played in the play area for a while. they rode some of the kiddie rides and then we took them to A&W for dinner. When we got home we got everything set up and popped the popcorn and settled in for our slumber party. No.ah the youngest wanted to do pillow fights...so we did and then we cuddled and watched the TV.

I was worried that they might not sleep very well with all of us in the living room but when I said bed time they fell right asleep and slept through the night until 7:00 am. he nice thing about them being in the living room was I could always have an eye on them. When ever I watch them over night and they are quiet all night I always have to check to make sure they are still breathing. I know can you tell I am inexperienced at this?

The next morning we got up and took them to our house to see the animals. I remember a short time ago No.ah was scared of our dog who if you know him you would laugh at that but to a kid he does not know any different. Now Noah absolutely loves Sammy. He always asks me about him on the phone and wants to see him. So they played with him and gave him cheese, which is Sammy's favorite. Then we went back to their house.

Jo.ey said he wanted to take a nap which shocked me and they both laid down and slept for an hour/hour and half. They were so so good for us and there is nothing like a 3 year old saying "I lub you Aunt Shell" like 500 times to make you feel all warm and fuzzy all over. I just LOVE those kids so much. I wish they would stay 3 and 5 because they are the CUTEST!!!! I can not imagine them as teenagers.

No.ah's 3rd birthday is next Sunday and he is very excited! I told him I had a present for him and his eyes lit up.

They were a lot of fun and they tired us out so we crashed when we got home and that was our weekend. How was yours?




Sunny said...

That sounds like so much fun! Your nephews are absolutely adorable, I can see why you love spending time with them. I can't believe Noah will be 3.

I have no memory of what I did last weekend. I know it involved laying in bed all day, but beyond that... ???

Jamie said...

How fun!! I bet you guys are a huge hit with your nephews.

I'm glad you got some good information on your finances. Yes - that was interesting advice from your mortgage company. Make more money or have less expenses? Thanks, Captain Obvious!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you had such a great weekend with your nephews! You deserve a weekend of fun to relax!

Stacey said...

Michelle, you are such an awesome aunt! It sounds like you are as special to them as they are to you.

Enjoy these years with those precious boys! My nephews are now 7 and 9, and even though I constantly BEG them to quit growing and I miss their little baby faces, they are just as sweet now as they ever were!