Saturday, April 17, 2010

I LOVE YOUR BLOG...well maybe you should read it first!

So I opened my email today and got a really nice email from someone telling me they LOVE my blog and wanted some advice. Here is the email. Please let me know if you can figure what the obvious problem would be with this email...


My name is
name deleted (mommy to triplets plus 1!!) I love your blog,

I have a quick question for you.  What is the #1 tip you'd give to new parents?  My hubby and I have a Free Pregnancy iPhone app that is being used by 1000's of new parents every day. We are adding a section of baby 101 tips AND we are reaching out to our favorite baby/parenting/mommy/daddy blogs.  If you'd be willing to provide a quick tip,  just a sentence or two of your best advice and we will use it in our app.  We will include your website as the source and we will provide a link back to your site. Our apps are only a few months old and its already been installed nearly 50,000 times. So this would be amazing exposure for your blog AND it would only take you a few minutes. If you are interested please respond with your #1 tip for new parents and let us know which website to link back to when we include your tip in our app.  
(Link deleted because I do not think they should get a|ANY exposure!!!!)
Its one of the few 100% FREE baby countdown apps and its loaded with pregnancy tools!

Lastly we are also working on one other project, compiling the best list of free baby samples toll free numbers anywhere. As parents of triplets we know how expensive babies can be.  We put together a list of over 55 free baby samples phone numbers and we turned it into an easy widget.  Anyone can place the widget in the sidebar of their blog to share the samples with their readers.  The great thing is the widget is community driven, users can report a number that is no longer active OR report new offers.  Many of the offers just require a quick phone call- free diapers, wipes even formula samples.  Check it out below...You can use it to get free diapers and samples and even include it on your blog
(Link deleted to she should not get any exposure)

Please let me know if you have any questions- and I hope you are interested in sending your best parenting tip!


(Name deleted)

OK so this REALLY pisses me off!!! First off lady you obviously did not read my blog AT ALL because if you did you would know this a blog about NOT being able to have babies!  So you LIED when you said you loved my blog!!! You just want exposure for your stuff!!! Well you ain't gettin it from me.

So I am going to respond but I am going to give her some INFERILE advice. Please let me know some great advice that I can include in my email to this idiot lady. Thanks!



Another Dreamer said...

I would advise she see a doctor to get her head out of her ass ;)

Sorry for the annoying troll/spammer.

Dana said...

wow!! how can someone be so self absorbed!!!! Yeah I would ask her specifically which posts she liked..hehe So sorry you are having to deal with this person!!!

Andrea said...

Solicitation at its best! The sender most likely does not have triplets + 1...but most likely may live on the other side of the world and work marketing ploys all day.

Gesh! Even a blog is not so sacred anymore....its sad. My good friend got solicited as a baby lost mom once. It's spam, ignore it and don't waste your precious time.


Natalia said...

Ugh, that sucks Michelle, but yeah, that's some messed up spam. Like we don't have to put up with enough bs from other people that you get an email like that.

HAHA On the other hand I just scrolled down to the "word verification" spot to add a comment and my word is "psycho" LOL How appropriate to that darn lady ;)