Thursday, December 3, 2009

The new Fertility test?

Not much going on with me this week. It has been uneventful and overall boring. My big problem this week is I think I have PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) from my cat throwing up on my head. In the morning she likes to drive me crazy. She always comes and stands over my head and meows and meows until I wake up. She basically wants me to get up so she can lay in my spot. Anyway, she has done this for as long as I can remember but now every time I wake up and see her standing at my head I jump. I have nightmares that I hear her doing it again and I startle myself awake. I keep trying to tell myself that we have had her for 8 yrs and she never did it before. That it was a 1 time accident but it has been very traumatizing. Oh well, hopefully I get over it soon. It is not a good way to wake up.

Tomorrow, I am going over to my mother's and we are having our annual slumber party and watching Whi.te Chr.istmas. This is our favorite movie so we do this every year. It should be fun. The bad part comes the next day when I told her I would help her out with a craft show she is doing. I hate doing these things but when she asked me and I felt like I could hardly say no since I am not working. They are the most boring things. It would be different if I had something that I could sell to make money but sadly I don't. I also wish I had money so that I could buy things while I was there but, again, sadly I do not. Hopefully the day will go by fast.

So that is going to be my weekend. Anyway, has anyone seen the new Resp.onse test that will tell you if you are able to get pregnant? Has anyone used it? I was curious because now that I am getting, eh hem, older I am worried about my ovarian reserve. Basically the test only tests your FSH level. This will tell you if it is elevated which means you may have a low ovarian reserve. That is the ONLY thing it will tell you. So just because it says everything is ok in that aspect it does not mean that there are not a million other things that could prevent you from getting pregnant. I think that is the problem with this test. If you watch the commercials and you are not educated in the whole infertility business such as we infertiles are, it may give you a false sense that everything is ok when really you should see a specialist.

Anyway, I just wanted to try it because I wanted to see what it said about my FSH levels since I have not been to my RE in forever and it is not looking good for the near future. I am also afraid to use it because I am afraid it will say the levels are elevated and then I will have more crap to worry about. I guess it would be good to know now rather then later but it still makes me nervous. The last time I talked to my RE he said my FSH levels were absolutely fine but now it is 15 mos. later. So has anyone used this? heard about it? I am just curious...

Hope you all have a great weekend!



Barb said...

Yeah. I don't know if I trust that thing.

I looooooooooove White Christmas!!!!!

JamieD said...

EW! My cats haven't ever thrown up on my head. Yet. They usually prefer to throw up on the floor next to the bed so when I get up, I step right in it. Funny how they show love.

I've heard talk of the fertility test but I don't know of anyone who has used it. I am curious about it as well.

Eskimo_Kisses_4_U said...

I was thinking the same thing about that test. I know several people that are just beginning their IF journey and had no idea that it was no substitute for an RE. I don't know if it works, though...I haven't had the nerve to try it.

Sorry about your cat. When I was young and I had to stay at my aunt and uncle's house for a while when my mom was ill, I woke up to my aunt's cat biting my toes. I didn't sleep much from then on when I stayed there.

Sunny said...

Sorry about the cat-puke PTSD. I think I would need therapy after that, myself.

The test sounds good in theory, but I do wonder how accurate it is. If you can resist, I probably wouldn't take it. But if you cave, do tell us what you think!

KuKd Chick said...

Hmmm, that First Response test sounds dicey.

Did your cat really barf on your head? GROSS! I'd be pretty damaged from that too!

Searching for Serenity said...

I love White Christmas! What a great tradition.

First Response test: I laugh everytime I see that commercial. Seriously, it is SO misleading.

jill said...

Ugh the cat incident is disgusting! I'd be traumatized too. I already jump five feet when I hear the gagging in another room. Ew.

I've seen the test in stores and I've seen the commercial. The commercial irritated me but I do have a sick desire to buy one and use it. They are pretty expensive for a lot of nothing though...

battynurse said...

I've heard of the first response test too and I think there was one person who had used it and it was pretty far off. Not sure though. I still don't know if I would trust it.

Andrea said...


I have to say that finding your blog is a bit of fresh air for me. We have some similarities...we both have angels in heaven, are the same age and have been married the same amount of time. And, we are both waiting on our Rainbow Baby.

For me, this journey has been hard and trying, but I refuse to give up and cling to HOPE instead. If you ever want to chat with another 30 something, visit my blog at

Sending you hugs and lotts of baby dust :)