Sunday, July 26, 2009

Half a load off my shoulders!

I have had a very busy last few days. Friday I babysat my nephews all day. They were a little crabby but thats ok. I took them to the park and for a couple walks. They love going for walks! Then DH and I went looking at some cars. We could not find anything that would have lasted more then a day that was in our price range. UGH!

Yesterday we got up bright and early to go looking at some cars. I only got 1.5 hours of sleep the night before. It was horrible. Every time I would start to fall asleep I would have a sleep start. You know where you dream you are falling or something like that and then you jolt awake. Well I must of had this happen like 20-25 times. Some of them I would awaken like gasping for air. It was scary! So then of course, I started freaking out thinking like for some reason I was suppose to stay awake or I was going to die in my sleep. I then went and consulted Dr. Google and I think for the first time it did not tell me I had cancer or something. I swear no matter what symptoms you key in it always says cancer. Anyway, it said these were common amongst most people but most don't even know it is happening. It said it usually happens if you went around 24 hrs without sleep which I was up for 20 before I tried going to sleep and if you are under a lot of stress. Um that would be a double check for me with all I have been going through. So after reading that and then waking DH and telling him to check on me and make sure I am breathing once I go to sleep, I finally fell asleep. So needless to say I was a little grumpy yesterday.

Anyway we got up and went and looked at a person he works with car. It was 800 and it was clear why. It was mini van with only 1 seat in the back. No radio...that is a requirement for my car. So we decided if we could not find anything else we would go with that as a last resort. My MIL and my sis and BIL offered to help us with getting a car. I thank them so much because I am not sure what we would have done. They are life savers and I can't say thank you enough! Anyway we went to MIL to trade cars because our current cars tires are about to blow at any minute. You can see the steel coming through on the 2 front tires. I just am not about to buy tires on a car that is going to be taken away. We had seen a bunch of cars that were a little distance away so we went to trade cars with MIL and then we ended up like a mile from her house. LOL We stopped at a little place to see if they had any cars in our range and ended up talking to one of the sales people and he said that he could work with us. I said I don't think so. We have a car that is currently being repoed, our credit is bad and I will not pay any payments that are over 100.00. He said he could work with that. I doubted it. He did! We got a 1998 che.vy ven.ture that had 96000 miles and was in pretty much perfect condition only a couple minor dents and scratches but nothing you can see unless you are looking close. The inside was gorgeous, it only had one owner and it ran perfectly! We paid half in cash and then got the rest financed for 100 a month. I could not believe it! We got such a good deal! I am so happy! Plus getting in and out of a mini van is so much easier on my back and we are all ready for all the babies that we will hopefully have soon!

So now the whole car situation can be checked off my list and that load can be taken off my shoulder. Now we just have to worry about unemployment. I have thought about putting a bow on my other car for the repo man. LOL. Then last night we went to Ch.uck e chee5e for Jo.ey's 4th b-day. I have not been there since I was a kid. It is so much different then what I remember. Jo.ey had a lot of fun and they were both so cute. I went shopping yesterday for his gift. On Fr1day he kept showing me which trains from ge0 tra.x that he wanted (he is OBSESSED with trains). He showed me one and told me this is what he wanted and that is all he wanted. I said "what if I can't find it or can't get it." He said "you'll find a way". LOL if only I could have that kind of faith on things. So I went to the store and of course could not remember which one it was. I called sis and gave her the 3 choices. We narrowed it down and picked one (unsure if that is the right one). On my way to the party sis texts me and says which one did you get again. I said "smo.key and". She says oh because Joey just all of sudden started saying, " I hope Aunt shell got me Jose. That is all I want. I only want nothing else!" Phew I got the right one! He was so happy when he opened his gift. He carried it around e chee5e showing everybody and almost losing it...thank God my mom scooped it up! Sis said today they went to a store to meet there guy that is fixing up their new house and Jo.ey says " I had a birthday party and my Aunt Shell got me Jose. Do you have Jose?" He is so cute and I am so happy I got the right one.

Today has been a lazy day. we cleaned out our old car and I have been cutting coupons and learning how to be one of those people that goes and buy tons of stuff for a little amount of money. Today I went to CV.S and the total before coupons and stuff was 58.00 and I ended up spending 20.00 and that is including buying a 2 razors w/ replacement cartridges and those are expensive. I am so excited about that! It takes a little time and planning but in the end it is worth it!

So over all this was a good and productive weekend. Busy but good! How was yours?


Mad Hatter said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog...Hmmm...that sleeping issue is something my Naturopathic Doctor asked me about when she was determining which homeopathic remedy to give me to help "calm" my mind at night so I could fall asleep earlier...haven't spent enough time on your blog yet to know if you're into Traditional Chinese Medicine or acupuncture or naturopathy or anything, but there may be something they can do for you...For what it's worth, I know the remedy she prescribed for me has been lifesaver! A few granules under my tongue and I've fallen asleep before they dissolve! Sleeping better than ever! (well, except when in a hotel! ;-)

Sunny said...

Wow, what an eventful weekend! It sounds like it started off stressful and ended up quite wonderful. Congratulations on the new car! I know the circumstances aren't ideal, but how amazing that you'll be saving more than $500 per month!!! Way to go with the coupons, I need a lesson in that myself. :)

battynurse said...

So glad you found a car! That sounds like a fantastic deal. I remember when I had a car repo'd it took forever for them to come get it. Like close to 6 months after I stopped paying them.
I hear you on the sleep stuff. I know the more tired I am the harder it is to fall asleep. And then I have weird dreams.
Isn't it cute how when kids are little it's so easy to make them happy. Then they become teenagers and almost nothing makes them happy.

Lucy said...

Glad you found a car! It's rough searching!


momofonefornow said...

My kiddo has a ton of those GeoTrax. He loves them!

I am one of those crazy coupon ladies. It really gives me a rush to score a deal at the grocery store. That is sad, huh? Anyway, check out the AllYou magazine the next time you are at a Wal-Mart. They have a ton of coupons in them, usually at least $100+ in them.

Barbara said...

Hi, just checking in with you! The up side to buying a new car now is that you can get them cheaper because people are selling their second cars due to economic hardships. Either way, let me know how the goodies we sent you are working out. Keep me updated.
Barbara at

Triumph said...

What an eventful weekend.

Congrats on your new car.

strongblonde said...

sounds like you had a good weekend. i'm so happy that you were able to get the right car for you. :)


Lisa RM said...

Yay to the new car! We're trying to hold off on one- I hate shopping.

iamstacey said...

I'm so glad you found such a good deal on a good car! Great bargain hunting!

DH suggested the other day that we should start clipping coupons. Your CVS trip was great! I'm definitely going to start!

Barb said...

Yay for the car!!! Car shopping is so hard. Great deal!