Sunday, July 5, 2009

Nice weekend

I had a very nice 4th of July. It was a nice distraction to the anniversary I was dreading. I did have a flash Friday when I heard fireworks going off of last year. I was sitting on my porch with DH while the fireworks were going off. In our neighborhood it is like the first day of the war in We don't need to go to fireworks shows because we have them in my neighboorhood. My poor dog is just terrified! Anyway, I was sitting on the porch reading one of my many books on infertility, miscarriages, and PCOS. I was searching and searching for anyway that the pregnancy was not ending. Any sign that the doctors had it all wrong. Somehow it just had to be wrong! I could not be going through this for the 4th time. As you all now how it ended up, I did not find the answer I was searching for and 3 days later I went for my methotre.xate shot and just like that it was over. I never even had time to hope or be excited because I pretty much found out it was ectopic the day after I got a positive pregnancy test. At the time it just seemed so cruel...why even give me a positive test when it wasn't even going to last. I know now it was to save me from much worse because if the ectopic went on then I probably would have lost a tube or something. Luckily they caught it early enough. I guess that is one good thing about going through all this. I am pretty in tune to what is going on with my body.

Anyway, yesterday was nice. We went to my MIL and my SIL was there with her 2 month old. Surprisingly I did not have a hard time with it. The baby was just so CUTE! I think he is one of the most well behaved babies I have ever seen. He did not cry all day! All he did was smile and let out little giggles. I had a nice talk with my MIL. She is having a hard time because she had to put her mom in a nursing home. But let me tell you it is a very nice place. I was very surprised because it was covered by Medi.ca1d and I just pictured most of those as not good places. She feels guilty but I think it is the best thing for her. She will have people to talk to and to take care of her. They have a movie place, bowling lanes, ice cream parlor, rec room, they take them on shopping trips. It sounds and looks nice. It is close by us so DH and I are going to visit often.

So we BBQed and then last night went to my sisters and played with my nephews and then we played cards when the kids went to bed. Today I woke up and decided to pull everything out of my kitchen cabinets and scrub them down. It always seems like a good idea until you are about half way through and then realize you really do not want to do this anymore. I do feel so much better though. They really needed it. I think I am going to do that with everything in my house and just take it bit by bit rather then all in one day. I have the time now since I do not have a job. I feel guilty if I don't do anything and hubby is out working.

That is all I have for now. I hope you all had a great weekend!


iamstacey said...

I'm glad you had a great holiday weekend! Too bad we're not closer, we could get thru our various waits by playing games. :) I know what you mean about feeling guilty about having free time. Since I was reduced to 32 hrs, I always feel like I have to make the most of my day off by doing errands, cleaning the house, and having a hot dinner for DH when he gets home. My days off are more exhausting than working!

Sunny said...

I'm sorry for the sad anniversary. :( That must have been so hard for you. But it sounds like you celebrated the holiday with loved ones, and you did really well.

I hope you don't have to sit around at home much longer! I was laughing when you said that half-way through the cleaning, you realized you didn't want to do it anymore. Sadly, I realize that BEFORE I start, thus nothing ever gets cleaned. *sigh*

Melissa said...

i can relate...last year on the 4th my first miscarriage started. it was a horrible time.

i'm glad to hear that you had a nice weekend though :) yeah, it's one of those chores that you probably should do but it requires a few hours. :)

strongblonde said...

sounds like you had a nice weekend, despite the sad reminders and what was happening in the past :( that place sounds awesome. i hope i get to live at a place in my old age that has access to a ice cream parlor. :) that would be awesome!!!!

Monica LeMoine said...

Thanks for the update and stories - glad you had a (basically) nice and memorable weekend. A belated 4th-of-july hug to you!

JamieD said...

I am glad you had a good weekend. It is so hard dealing with those anniversaries - especially when they fall on a holiday and everyone expects you to be so happy.

It sounds like you are getting crazy orgainized! I know what you mean - I'll get square in the middle of a project like that and think to myself, "Wait a minute . . . was this MY idea?!?!"

Elle said...

Thanks so much for your lovely comment, Michelle. I've been lurking and was so sorry to hear about your work drama and this sad anniversary.

Boy, do I recognize myself in your description of the cabinet-cleaning project. I bite off more than I can chew all.the.time.

Air Conditioning Carson, CA said...

Great post! Sounds like you had a lot of fun!

<3 Lindsay

Echloe said...

I'm so sorry that you had to deal with that sad anniversary. But it sounds like you were able to get through it and the rest of the weekend with flying colors (pun fully intended).