Saturday, March 7, 2009


Yesterday my sister had her surgery on her knee and all went well. She is in a lot of pain but I guess that is to e expected. She had the surgery and as soon as she woke up they basically kicked her out of the hospital. Uh nothing like wham bam thank you mam. Anyway she is home now and hopefully the kids are letting her get some rest. Jo.ey kind of understands not to jump on mommas lap but the No.ah does not quite get it yet. Hopefully he will soon.

As for me...I had my shots on Thursday and I am not quite sure if they are working or not. I felt kind of good when I woke up yesterday but then I went to the hospital and did a lot of sitting and walking around and by the end (actually more closer to the beginning) of the day my back was in a lot of pain. By the time I got home I could not wait to take some pain pills and go to sleep. Today it is feeling achy a little but I have not done too much. I am going to start doing some exercises and go to some PT this week so hopefully I am on the road to recovery.

Something that made me go hmmm when I went for the shots was A) when he went to give them to me he was like does it hurt here, here, or here which was none of the places that I have been showing him for weeks now. So that makes me wonder if he has even been listening to me and B) He just throws out at the end of the appointment..."maybe you should have your kidneys checked. Have you had kidney stones?" Which as a matter of fact I have. He said problems with kidneys can cause this much back pain as well. This makes me wonder why no one has checked that yet either. I think I am going to call me regular doctor this week and see what she thinks. I don't know sometimes I wonder if doctors even listen to a word you are saying. It is driving me nuts. I have a problem and I want someone to just listen and then fix it.

Anyway, it has been very warm here the last few days although today it is rainy. So it is a nice change to not be cold. I hoe you all have a great weekend!


battynurse said...

Some docs do listen and others don't. Hard to figure out which is which though. As far as asking if it hurt in different places he could have been looking for changes and referred pain. I hope that what they are doing helps and you start having less pain soon.

JamieD said...

Ugh - I was hoping the shots would give you more relief. It ~is~ frustrating to get stuck with a doc that doesn't listen to you. I mean, that IS what they are there for, right?!?!

CJ said...

It is so hard to find good docs! I wish there was an easier way to weed out the ones who just want to write a prescription and send you on your way as quickly as possible, versus the ones who are really invested in finding what's wrong with you.

Kahla said...

Ouch, I'm so sorry you were still in pain and hope you are feeling better today. My DH only has one kidney (born like that) and anytime he drinks too many cokes or has kidney infections his back gives him major problems. Might be worth checking since you've had stones before! Have a great rest of the weekend!

Mo and Will said...


Just catching up. Great to read your update. As for drs., you have to find one you feel listens to you. they're all across the board with that.

Hope the pain subsides soon.
hang in there.


strongblonde said...

darnit! i was hoping that you would have some immediate relief. i am still hopefull!!