Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thank you! Thank you!


Wow Nominted 2 times in 1 week. How exciting! I am so honored. :)

Special thanks you to Sunny at Sunny in Seattle or Secrets of an Infertile mom. Two blogs one fabulous person. I love both her blogs, reading about her little bean who is just so cute or her trials with IF. She is a fellow Michigander who doesn't live here now but is coming home I believe this weekend. Just in time to celebrate a Red Wings Stanley Cup (hopefully) ;) Thank you...thank you!

The rules of accepting this award are simple: list seven things you love, and pass the award to seven bloggers you love. Her we go and in No specific order...

Seven things I LOVE!!!

1. This is on other lists but it can never be repeated too much...CHOCOLATE! For me it would especially be dark chocolate. The darker the better. Chocolate is always my friend. It never gives unsolicited advice. It has always been there for me in my darkest of hours. So for those reasons...I love you Chocolate!

2.Red Wings - I know you are all shocked right? This is the first time I have said anything about the Red Wings. ;0 I think I have said enough about them. I am sure you are sick of hearing about them. Don't worry it is almost over. They are pretty close to winning the Stanley cup. (Hopefully I won't be eating my words).

3.Family and Friends - This includes all my bloggy friends too. I really do not know what I would do without them/you. I think family and friends are really what life is all about. Without them it would pretty sad and boring. So thank you to everyone that has come into my life one way or another. I truely believe that everyone crosses paths for a reason and I am glad that you crossed mine.

4.My animals - I love love love my animals. The bring so much joy and happiness into my life. My house would not feel the same without them. To me they are like little people. They are my furry kids. They all have there own personality and offer unconditional love. They are excited when I walk in the door and sad to see me leave. They know when I am feeling sad and will try to cheer me up. They bring a smile to my face each and every day.

5. My DH - He definitely deserves his own entry. I think you all know by now how I feel about him. He is the greatest man I will ever know and I love him more then I can ever say.

6. The 4 seasons - I love the changing of the seasons. Fall is my favorite because of the cool fresh air and the beautiful leaves. I love seeing the changes that happen during all the seasons. Sometimes in Michigan you can experience all 4 in one day. There are many days that I hate winter and I wish I did not have to deal with cold and snow but when there is a fresh blanket of snow and you first go out before salt trucks and people have made it a mess, It can be so BEAUTIFUL and Peaceful.

7. My dvr - I think this is such a great invention. It makes things so much easier to watch TV. I do not have to waste time on commercials or boring parts of a show. I don't have to be home when my favorite show is on because I can just tape it and watch it later. I don't have to worry about when people want to call me and interrupt. I don't know how I would get along without it. I know sad but so very true.

Now on to 7 blogs I love...

1. Cara at Building Heavenly Bridges. You inspire me Cara!

2. Strong Blonde who is another fellow Michigander and is now pregnant with twins. I am so excited for her!

3. Stop the Train I Wanna Get Off is going through some tough stuff but she is such a such a strong woman.

4. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Pampers, I am tagging you back. I think about you everyday and what a strong beautiful person you are. I am so sorry that you lost your triplets. Some day you will be a great mom!

5. Dora at My Preconceived Notion I am so excited for her! She is finally pregnant! She is always such a sweet and generous person. She is going to be such a wonderful mom!

6. Bottoms Off and On the Table is going through a cycle right now and could use everyones support. Her blog makes me smile! Good Luck with your transfer!

7. Good Egg Hunting - just got a positive beta after IVF but could use all the reassurance. So go over and cheer her on. I am so happy for you!

If you have already done it then I am sorry, just ignore me. If you would like to do it feel free.


Lavender Luz said...

Well deserved!

I'm a big dark chocolate fan, too.

And I love the way you write about your DH.

Sunny said...

What a great list! I love all those things too! Except that would be MY family and DH of course... I'm not a weird stalker. :) I miss the seasons changing in Michigan. Fall was always my favorite. Not so much in Seattle, it just gets cloudy. :P