Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Things are not always as they seem

Sorry I have been bad about writing lately. Nothing much has been going on and I have not been feeling very inspired. Yesterday I woke up and my back started hurting BAD!!!! It is still pretty BAD today. So I am back to laying on the couch and watching TV. I haven't been on the computer too much.

Last night I was watching Jo.n and K.ate plus 8 and the whole situation that they have just makes me real sad for the children. I learned a lesson though. When I first started watching I was jealous. Not that they have 8 children 6 of which they had at the same time because that has to be a hard road to go but because they tried fertility treatments and it worked right away for them. Why could that not happen for me? Not only did they get twins the first time but then had 6 more (again I do not want 6 at the same time). I wondered what I had to do just to have one. Even though it was hard they seemed happy. Now I watch and I just feel bad. It is hard to believe that last year I was watching them get remarried in Hawaii and this year they are divorced. Who is paying the price? The children will. I come from a divorced family and it is not and easy road. Then not to mention it is all being played out on TV. They have to watch bad things being said about their mom on TV. I mean they probably are not seeing it right now but some day they will see it.

When it first started, I was really late to the drama. I think it had been going on for 3 months before I even knew what was going on. At first, I was on Jo.n's side. I mean she was not a very nice person and I always wondered why he put up with it. But as time has gone on and I saw his most recent interview where he spent the entire time talking bad about the mother of his children on national TV all was done for me as far as he goes. My dad used to do the same thing to my mom. He would talk bad about my mother to us all the time. My mother never said anything bad about my dad...NEVER! Not until we were much older and had figured it out for ourselves. Well it back fired on my dad because I have not spoken to him in 15 years. Not because of that but because he is crazy but him talking about my mother never sat well with me and only made me feel bad for my mom.

Anyway, I guess it just goes to show that you never know what is going on in peoples lives. On the outside they can look like they have everything you want. Family, money, etc. But really what they don't have is one of the most important things we all seek...Happiness. I may not have 8 children, or even 1, but with DH I am always happy and I know I am loved.


Barb said...

Very wise and very true. I wish more people could come to that realization.

Melis.sa said...

seriously. that whole situation with jon & kate drives me crazy. I feel awful for their children.

I nominated you for an award!!

Searching for Serenity said...

It is a very sad situation.

I hope you're taking it easy and letting your back heal.

Demara said...

beautiful conclusion to this post! It is true... life should be us being happy with what we've been given!!

battynurse said...

You are so right about how things aren't always what they seem to be. I was never much into the Jon and Kate thing and didn't pay much attention to the drama at first. I have watched some of the episodes lately and while yes sometimes she is demanding and not very nice I still don't think it's an excuse. You want out of a marriage to go play around, get a divorce first. He was the one walking away and having a public relationship with someone else. Now on top of that like you said he is bad mouthing her to the media and what was that BS the other day of taking the media with him to the twins birthday party? He is the one who is coming across looking like a total ass.

Sunny said...

Ugh! Yes, that whole situation is incredibly sad. She clearly treated him like crap, and he just kept silent. Then he became a total douche... ridiculous. Those poor children.

Bluebird said...

So very, very true - on so many levels. I often struggle with high order multiples, considering my body couldn't even take care of two. . . but really? Nothing is ever as it seems.

Hope you're feeling better!!