Saturday, October 18, 2008

Virtual World Tour

Here is my bit of complete randomness...

Here is my "Benny" bear. My mother had him growing up and then she gave him to me. I hope to give it to my child someday. As you can see he is looking a little rough but he is still cuddly.


Here is th dolphin statue my husband bought me just because. Awww isn't he sweet?

Here is my new purse I just bought that I absolutely love!


And finally this is my cat Mia. She is just a little princess. Everything must be just right or she is upset. She is a big cuddler and she loves her belly rubbed.


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Geohde said...

I love the handbag....

But I have a small problem when it comes to bags and shoes. I'm banned..



m said...

Ummm... I have the same shoe and bag problem as Geohde - although I'm banned I manage to sneak some contraband in here and there!

I so love your Benny Bear, I had a yellow bear that I loved to bits, but being the eldest of all the cousins it got passed down and I have no idea where he ended up!
Your cat is just priceless as well - sounds a lot like my Lucy!

JuliaS said...

I love Benny and the bag - Mia the cat is cute too! :0)

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I would love to curl up with Benny. Is it just a human thing to need a "lovey"?

Cara said...

Ahh, Benny. My daughter has a "pink bear" from birth that she CANNOT sleep without. It is not pink anymore. It is hatless now. It has had its ears sewed back on, twice.

It is well loved. Just like your Benny.

Jess said...

Yes, also with the shoe and bag problem! :)

What a pretty cat you have! Our cat is a big princess, too. But she's not a cuddler at all! :(

Anonymous said...

I was a blankie baby and when I got married, my baby blanket was pinned under my wedding gown as my something old.

Love the new purse!! I think you better make sure you have a wallet to match. (That means shopping again.)

Monica LeMoine said...

Some random reactions: that purse looks deep and practical - looks like it holds a lot. My kind of purse. The stuffed bear is lovely and awesome. I'm normally not a stuffed animal kind of person, but that kinda reminds me of the velveteen rabbit.

Shelby said...

Great purse! Great cat! Great bear! Thanks for the share. :) (omg, I so did not mean to rhyme, but since I did, I'll leave it be :)

chicklet said...

Your purse is awesome.

Sassy said...

Very cool. I love your Benny bear.

Korechronicles said...

I only threw my childhood blue and white rabbit away earlier this year after all his fur fell off when the moths got to him. It was a sad moment. So I really love your Benny Bear.

And like Geohde and M, keep me away from the shoes and handbags.

Thanks for the tour!

MrsSpock said...

Ooooh..that bag is nice.

Lee said...

Everyone should have something filled with as much love as Benny!

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