Thursday, May 14, 2009

Favorite Things Friday

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My favorite thing for this week or more specifically Red W1ngs hockey! I absolutely love this time of year! It is playoff time and since the Red W1ngs are always in contention it makes for a great time.

I did not start off liking hockey. As a kid I was more like the boy my dad (I use this term loosely) never had. He had me playing softball at like age 6 and not T-ball no way was a child of his going to play a "wimpy" game like that (his words). I was bowling at age 5. And on the weekends we spent them watching football or more accurately M1ch1gan football because lets face it the L1ons are not something you really want to watch regularly unless you enjoy being ill on a weekly basis. I learned quickly that the best way to get my dads approval was to excel at sports and to show interest in games. He taught me everything about baseball, bowling and football. Watching the games were some of my best times with my dad. Playing them not so much.

So I grew up with a love for the games. I love football. Not so much baseball anymore because I find it very boring. Anyway the one thing my dad did not like was hockey. Which is surprising. Maybe it is because the Red Wings were so bad for so long. Anyway, I find hockey to be one of the most exciting sports there is. But I got my love for hockey from my DH. Lucky for me when we started dating is right when the Red W1ngs started getting good. My husband loves every sport. He can watch anything and everything! He is a little obsessive about it. Seriously he could walk into any one of your houses even if it was the first time he met you and grab the remote and start looking for some game on TV. That part drives me nuts. So because he loved it so much I started watching and he taught me everything about it. Sometime I tease him now because I cam tell him things he doesn't know. I even listen to sport talk radio. In fact I would rather listen to that than to music sometimes...I know weird right?

We even had an awesome day you can read about here in an edition of "look what I did without a kid".

Last year the Red Wings won again so this year we are defending the cup and hoping they do it again. Them winning never gets boring.

So tonight is their night either they go on to the 3rd round of the playoffs or it is over. They are playing Anahe1m and the series is tied 3-3. I think if the Red W1ngs come out and play "their" game then no one can beat them. I know there are many people out there who might have a different opinion but those people would be wrong that is ok because they are my home team and that is how I feel about them. I am excited and nervous at the same time! And that is what makes this time of the year so great. However, if things don't go our way tonight I may be singing a different tune tomorrow. :) I will still LOVE my Red W1ngs but I may just hate this time of the year. LOL

Go w!ngs! Bring home Stan.ley once again!


strongblonde said...

:) i know! let's go wings!

Tara said...

no idea about hockey - but GO WINGS!!!!

Sunny said...

There is no hockey like RED WINGS HOCKEY!

DH and I went to a Blues game while we lived in St. Louis... it was PATHETIC compared to watching a game in good old Detroit. :)