Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Memorial Weekend!

Well, I hope everyone is having a great memorial day weekend! I am and that is mainly because I am off work for 3 days. I am not and haven't done anything special. My DH had to work yesterday and he has to work tomorrow so we are just hanging out, having some lazy days. Although I am trying to get the energy to do some spring cleaning. Lord knows my house could use it!

Friday night was nice. I had a reunion with a bunch of girls that I used to work with about 13 years ago. It is where I met my closest friend. It was very nice to get together with them. To tell you the truth I was a little worried before I went. I was worried that everyone would be married with lots of kids and the conversation would all be centered around their kids and the question would inevitably come up "do you have any kids?"..."no. why not?". Thankfully the question was never asked. I don't know, maybe my friend warned them to not say anything, but I am just glad it never did.

Also, the only ones that had kids were my friend A and a girl that already had them when I worked there. It was nice to be with about 4 other people who were my age but did not have any kids. We had a very good time and most of them had not changed much. I actually left feeling very thankful for the life I have. One girl is 32 (I think) and getting ready to be married for the 3rd time. The stories she had were crazy. The bummer was, that I drove so I was the designated driver and could not drink. A was pretty toasted when we left. She deserved it though. She has 3 kids and does not get the chance to do so very much. The way home was a love fest. It was pretty funny.

Yesterday I went to MIL house and played W.ii for a while. We had a good time. My brave sis took my nephews (2 and 4) camping. It sounds like they have been having fun except for her DH maybe breaking his foot. They do not have very good luck with their lower appendages. Anyway, I hope he is ok.

So that has been the extent of my weekend so far. I hope all is well with all of you.

PS...about my previous post and my 600 car payment...unfortunately it is not for some fancy car. It is for a Fu.sion. That is what happens when you have one car you share with DH and you lease and you go over the miles and then every time you get a new car you roll over the extra amount you owe. Sooner or later it catches up with you. That is why I must get out. It is pretty disgusting isn't it?


Sunny said...

"They do not have very good luck with their lower appendages." LOL!! Sorry, it's really not funny, I feel bad for your BIL... but that made me giggle.

We are gearing up for our trip back to the Motor City in a week and a half!! Get the sunshine and warm weather ready for us...

JamieD said...

That sounds like a wonderful weekend. Lots of quality time with friends and family, but not too busy. That is just what I need right now!

Anonymous said...

oh goodness...i *still* cannot get over that car payment ;)

sounds like you had a good time with your friends. it's so nice to get away sometimes, you know?


Barb said...

Yes, you definitely need to get out of that car situation!! I assumed it was some kind of crappy thing b/c it would have to be a DAMN FINE CAR for $600/mo!

My husband dearly wants the Fusion hybrid though.