Thursday, September 4, 2008

It's a good day for Detroit

Off topic...but it must be said.

No, actually it is a GREAT day for Detroit! We finally got rid of our embarrassment of a mayor! I have been so sick of hearing about him and looking at his cocky face! At least now when I look at it maybe it will be behind bars where he belongs. He cost this city so much! Like we already don't have enough problems!

Anyway, he finally realized he could not win and in a plea deal stepped down from office. Well good riddance I say. It was horrible that he was in office in the first place. I am sick of politicians thinking that because of who they are and the money they have they can get away with anything. Well, you can't. And Kwame it isn't because of the affair that everyone HATES you. It is because you cost this city MILLIONS of dollars covering up your messes! I could care less if you slept with thousands of women! What I do care about is the money you spent doing it. The fights you caused, the strife you caused in the city. You did not do a damn thing for this city but cause harm. Anything that did happen good (that you took credit for) was put in place way before you got there!

So, today is GREAT day because finally maybe we can start putting the pieces of a shattered city back together. Maybe we can start doing some business around here instead of spending all of OUR money on your legal defense. Suck it up and take it like a man. Do not blame race because that has nothing to do with it! The only time race was made a factor was when you made it so! You insulted people for sticking with the white man, yet you lawyers were white! Your the one with the problem! Not the rest of the people. Enjoy what pathetic life you have left. Goodbye, Good Riddance...Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out! Oh, and by the way take Ella Bulley Cummings with you she was a waste of police chief if I ever met one!


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