Monday, September 22, 2008

What did you just say?

This weekend I was spending time with my mom and my sister. We had a good time laughing and talking.

Anyway, we started talking about funny things you said such as, I forever thought the words "wind chill" used in the winter to describe how fricken cold it gets here, was actually "wind shield" until my husband noticed and started laughing at me and told me what it really was. Seriously, that is what it sounds like...I'm sure others have made the same mistake...right? anyone? Ok maybe I'm alone in that...but my sister had one much better. We were driving and it was so funny that I almost had to pull over in a parking lot because I was laughing so hard I thought we would get in an accident.

Now, she is going to kill me for telling everyone, but it is so funny. She says that her husband and her are driving in the car with the radio on, and the song "Natural Woman" by Aretha Franklin came on and she started singing until her husband turns down the radio and says "what did you just say?". L said "I instantly knew I sang the wrong words"...and oh yes she did. I said what were they, and I did not expect these words at all. She says "well I know now that it says 'you make me feel like a natural woman'". I said "yes but what did you think it said?" L: "Promise you won't tell anyone?" Me & mom: "Sure, just tell us"...L: "I thought it said ' you make me feel like a man but your a woman'" Me:"Whaaaaaat? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAH...
that does not make any sense!" L: "I know but I thought that is what it said". So now my mom and I have been telling everyone...when she made us promise she didn't tell us how funny it was. It's a good thing she doesn't know about this blog. I'm sure you all won't tell.

But, so I do not just tell others embarrassing stories I will tell one of mine...

My DH loves all kinds of music, from country to hard rock, from classical to rap, he listens to everything. He also goes to a million concerts. Him and his friend go all the time, well not recently but they go a lot! Anyway, one day a couple years ago I am going through our finances and I notice there is $100 missing so I go to DH and ask where the money went and he says
"I bought corn tickets."
Me: "Corn tickets?"
DH: "Yes, I told you I was getting them"
Me: " Uh, no you didn't."
DH: getting upset " I told you last week"
Me: "Nooo, I would remember corn tickets!"
DH: " I told you I was going with S! I hate it when you don't listen to me!"
now we are starting to yell at each other...
Me: " I don't even like corn! "
DH: "But I do and I wanted the tickets! You don't have to like everything I like!"
here is the kicker...
Me: "Is there some kind of shortage on corn, where we need to get tickets to purchase it and stand in some they are rationing corn?"
DH: "What???????" laughing hysterically now "KoRn, is a band you dork!" "How old are you anyway?"
Me: "Ohhhh...that makes so much more sense!"

So what is yours? What phrase, song, or embarrassing mistake did you make? Come on, share with the group...we won't be laughing at you, we will be laughing with you...and I promise we won't tell anyone.... We could all use a good laugh! :)


kccat said...

Those are great stories. I did have one song that I always sang wrong until corrected by someone. Very embarrassing. Can't remember what it was but found out later a friend of mine sang it the same way too. I love the corn story. Priceless.


Searching for Serenity said...

Hi To Baby and Beyond. Nice to meet you!

LOL - That is totally something I would do. In fact, there are two things that my husband still gives me crap about.

Even though I know I'm still wrong, I sing "The Sweetest Things" by U2, rather than "The Sweetest Thing". It drives my DH nuts. He says "It's not plural!"

The other thing I learned far too late in life is that Vietnamese is 'namese', NOT Vietmanese. For many years I pronounced it Vietmanese. I live a sheltered life. :-)

Jen Hanson said...

Hey - I live in Iowa - so corn would have been my response as well --- ha ha ha.
Happy ICL Week :)

Shelby said...

Love it! I was loling to this one :). I'm trying to think of one and all I can come up with is that I thought Volleyball was actually Volleyvall until middle school when I started to play. Not that exciting, but I'm sure I've made stupider mispronunciations in my time.

Thanks for stopping by my neck of the woods!

Simply AnonyMom said...

Very funny! I hope your sister forgives you, hahaha.

Jim Croce has a song "Bad bad Leroy Brown" that goes bad bad leroy brown, baddest man in the whole damn town. Badder than old King Kong, meaner than a junk yard dog" but I ALWAYS sing "Badder than DONKEY KONG, DEEPER than a COUNTRY dog"

I do not know why or where I got it, but it is stuck there.

Thanks for visiting my blog and happy ICLW

Ginny said...

This is such a funny post, I will have to think of funny things we have said.

I so love the corn thing. I can totally picture that entire conversations. My brother was a huge Korn fan, so as soon as you started the conversation, I was already laughing.

Ophelia said...

Ohhh I've got a good one! I called Dell to report my laptop's faulty battery since there was a major recall... I wrote about it on my blog a few months ago. It's worth a read, I swear you won't be disappointed:


Sweet Georgia said...

LOL - Those are some pretty funny stories.

I always used to think the song Rock the Kasbah was Rock I'm Satisfied. Oh and in the song Bad Moon on the Rise by CCR, I always thought it sounded like "there's a bathroom on the right"

smartypants said...

some guy friends in high school used to get me all the time with dumb stuff. They actually had me believing for awhile that the reason we close our eyes when we sneeze is because our eye balls would pop out otherwise...I know, go gullible (which btw is not in the dictionary...he he he)

Barb said...

When I was younger, I thought a ring "bearer" was a ring "bear." I couldn't for the life of me figure out why it would be called that.

And Chumbawumba's song Tub Thumping? I thought they said, "I get knocked down, like an elephant." I knew that probably wasn't right, but I couldn't for the life of me figure out what they were saying until my then BF, DH pointed it out.

nancy said...

Oh my. ~giggle~. That's hilarious. I know I have some of my own, but I swear I can't think of any of them right now. heh. Corn tickets. Tickets to stand in line to buy corn. That's awesome.


nancy said...

I remember one... In a high school government class, they were discussing euthanasia. I swear I thought they were discussing "Youth In Asia" and had no freaking idea why they were SO illegal.

Heather said...

I was 18 when I figured out what "smooth Move Ex-lax" meant! As well "going off the rail like a choo-choo train" And of course "suicide is fun" (Suicidal blonde)
Oh and my parents told me that tornado's couldn't cross the Detriot River and get us here! I believed that until I was at least 20!

Photogrl said...

LOL. Funny stuff!

Marc Anthony had a song in the early '90's...called, "I Need To Know." Yeah, I sang it for about a year as..."Tiny Timbo, Tiny Timbo"

I'm such a dork.


junebug said...

I always thought that in Kenny Roger's song "Lucille" that she left "four hundred children" but it is really "four hungry children". I was thinking no wonder she left with four hundred children.
Here via ICLW.

Mrs Woggie said...

I love your sisters funny moment!! That is hilarious!! I can't think of anything off the top of my head but I'll tell you about a story about my husband.

We were in Austria early this year and me being the girly girl I am was desperate to go on the 'Sound of Music' Tour. Hubby agreed he said he had seen the movie a few times, and I'd been talking about the tour for weeks. After about 2 hours on the tour hubby all of a sudden says (surrounded by 50 or so die hard Sound of Music fans) "Who is this Maria person the tour leader keeps talking about??" Needless to say there were gasps from every direction!!

Oh I just thought of one, for the life of me...I can't say Vinegar...I say vigenar I just can't say it!

Here from ICLW!

seriously? said...

Oh that was so funny. I have to say when I was younger I didn't read things very carefully and I always thought that trial size was trail size. It made sense to me, it was small so you could take it hiking...


kirke said...

Oh my! I totally thought it was wind shield too. Very funny blog AND educational!

Thanks for stopping by!