Thursday, December 11, 2008

Favorite things Friday

This time for my favorite things I am going to talk about my favorite Christmas movie. That is 'Whi.te Chri.stmas'. I absolutely love love love this movie. I can't wait for this time of year just so I can watch it. I only watch it 1 time and it is always with my mom. We have made a tradition of it. Every year we have a sleep over, pajama party of sorts and watch this movie. We sing all the songs (and fast forward the one part we both hate). I could probably recite the whole movie. I have never been much of a musical girl or an old movie girl but this one is different. The dresses, the dancing, the singing were all so beautiful back then. If I have a little girl someday I hope to pass on this tradition and watch the movie with her. I enjoy this time with my mom staying up late and talking. The only thing that has put a little sadness in it is the first time I got pregnant it was right around this time that I found out and I remember going to my moms and thinking next year at this time I will have a baby with me. Next year will be different...and then it wasn't. So it is the reminder of my failure that lingers but it has not stolen my joy from this movie. I won't let it. So this weekend I will be getting in my pj's and popping in the old vcr tape (my mom has still not figured out her dvd player) and singing, laughing, and talking the way Christmas traditions should be. This weekend I will not let the Christmas that should of been get in the way of enjoying the Christmas that is. That is why this is one of my favorite things. Do you have a special Christmas tradition? What do you enjoy most about the season?


April said...

side note: arg! my sidebar still doesn't have this updated post. i just happened to go to your site. my blog still says that your most recent update was 3 days ago!!!

i know how you feel about the whole traditions thing. i keep thinking that we should do x/y/or z b/c it will be good to be doing that when we have a baby. you know, to have traditions established.

this sounds like a fun weekend!

Cara said...

Making our annual Italian Anise Christmas Cookies!

My DH hates them, but the kids and I gorge!!

Probably a snow / ice day tomorrow and we will be Making Cookies!!!

Shannon said...

I always watch "It's a Wonderful Life" on Christmas Eve. It's my absolute most favorite Christmas movie, even though it's not really a Christmas movie. I saw a critic's pick thing about it on the New York Times and the critic explained it perfectly. Every year I get to visit the wonderful town of Bedford Falls which is a wonderful respite from the Pottersville we all live in. Also, I think it would be amazing to find out how much your life has touched others. I wonder if I could ever begin to make such an impact as George did in his town.

CJ said...

What a nice story! I'm curious, I'll have to add the movie to my Netflix queue. I wonder if I'll be able to guess the part of the movie you both don't like?

We have many Christmas traditions... but all involve our families, and we can't afford to fly home this year. :( I am trying to focus on creating new traditions... like going to see the Zoolights, and when he's old enough, taking Bean out to cut down a tree (I always had fake ones growing up).

chicklet said...

Christmas lights are my favorite. That and walking over to the tree where we got married (we got married in December, and they light it up every December). Traditions are good.

Shelby said...

I am so glad you have not allowed your loss to get in the way of enjoying this time. My favorite movie to watch is A Christmas Story. This is definitely a tradition and considering that there's a channel that plays it almost non-stop the week before Christmas, I won't have a hard time carrying through on this one!

In Due Time said...

IVF is *so* much better than a kindle!! LOL

I don't have a favorite Christmas movie, weird huh?

JamieD said...

That sounds like so much fun! I wish I had a tradition like that with my Mom. That would be great.

I guess we don't really have a particular tradition. Hubby is obsessed with Christmas lights on the house and I am a little OCD about decorating the tree. It could either be called 'traditon' or 'mental disorder.'

Barb said...

I enjoy the love and the giving. We're both very lucky in that our family's are both very NON materialistic. So they love handmade things and don't get into tons and tons of gifts. It makes life much easier for all of us.

Let me say that I LOVE WHITE CHRISTMAS!!!! It's very special to me because it reminds me a LOT of my Grandfather who was an air force colonel and who died last year. I just love it. Plus, Hub loves old movies.