Monday, December 22, 2008

Top 101

Again I saw this on an Unfair Struggles blog and thought it would be a good idea. So here it goes...

101 random facts about myself that you may or may not know.

1. I am 34
2. I will soon be 35
3. I am an Aquarius
4. I have been married to my DH for 8 1/2 years.
5. We have been together for 15 1/2 and lived together pretty much the whole time.
6. I love DH more then anything (he told me to put this in here but I really really do)
7. 7 is my favorite number. I was born on the 7th in 1974. DH and I got married in the 7th month on the 21st (multiple of 7). His b-day is on the 14th (also a multiple of 7). We started dating 07/17. We had been dating for 7 yrs b4 we got married. My DH is 7 yrs older then me.
8. I have had 2 early miscarriages and 2 ectopics
9. One of my ectopis was extremely rare. It was in my cervix
10. I like to name all my animals with people names. Currently I have Sammy, Katiejo, Mia, Romeo and Juliet.
11. I love dolphins!
12. I have a dolphin tatoo that you can't see unless I wear a bikini and I don't think that will be happening again in this lifetime.
13. I have PCOS
14. I have been TTC for over 8 yrs
15. My favorite color is Red or Orange
16. I pretty much drink nothing but Coke. I love it!
17. I am an obsessive worrier. I can worry about anything and everything and once I have figured something out it is on to the next thing to worry about.---I hate it!
18. I hate peanut butter! I can not even stand the smell of it!
19. I love the smell of coffee but can't stand the taste.
20. I like the taste of watermellon flavor but I do not like watermellon.
21. My favorite desserts are ice cream pie and chocolate covered strawberries.
22. My favorite food is ribs.
23. I am a chocoholic. Dark chocolate is my favorite.
24. I have had a fire burn down my house---twice.
25. My sister's nickname for me is Bella ---I am not sure why.
26. My one "freebie" (wink, wink) is Mat.thew McCo.nau.ghey.
27. His is San.dra
28. I love Hockey! Red Wings are the best!
29. I love U of M football!
30. I wanted to be a lawyer growing up until I saw 1st hand how the justice system worked and I thought it sucked. I figured I would be always being held in contempt of court so I gave up on that.
31. My dream has been to write Children's books.
32. My biggest fear is that I will never have children.
33. I have been in 4 car accidents in my life. All of them were on the 21st of the month.
34. We got married on the 21st...pretty risky...I did not drive.
35. My nephew Jo.ey was born on our anniversary. What a great gift!
36. I have never broken a bone (knock on wood).
37. I am super organized. Ask me for instructions to the toaster and I have them and can get them within a minute.
38. I have read the Bible 3 times all the way through.
39. I am a reality TV addict.
40. My favorite non-reality shows are "He.roes" and "".
41. My favorite movie is "50 Da.tes"
42. I have made Iron Commentor every month I have entered ICLW so far...3 times going for the fourth.
43. Blogging has been one of my favorite things since I started it. It has been the savior of my sanity.
44. My DH does all the cooking in our house. I hate cooking!!!
45. I like snakes but I can not stand any type of bug, especially spiders!
46. I was a majorette in junior high.
47. In high school I played fast pitch softball.
48. I also sang in the choir. We went to state competition and received a 1 (which is the best).
49. I took 4 yrs of Spanish but I can not speak it (except to count and a few words here and there).
50. I am a night person. On weekends I am usually staying up until like 3 or 4 am doing nothing much.
51. It may be because I have insomnia.
52. I can not stand to use a towel more than once before washing.
53. I have to have my own bar of soap. I do not like to use soap that others have used.
54. I can recite the alphabet backwards.
55. I have dimples.
56. I believe everything happens for a reason even though we might not necessarily ever find out what that reason is...sometimes it really sucks.
57. I am obsessed with pens. I buy them all the time. I especially like the gel pens.
58. I would rather listen to talk radio then music most of the time.
59. Bi.lly Jo.el is my favorite singer. I have been to his concert 5 times.
60. I love grape flavored anything.
61. I love to watch ghost shows like Gh.ost Hun.ters and Gh.ost adv.enturs but I am not sure if I believe in ghosts.
62. I love horror movies.
63. My toe nails always must be painted and it is usually some form of red and they must be cut short.
64. I had some baby teeth until I was in my 20's and then I lost them and never got adult teeth.
65. Nobody is aloud to call me Shelly except one of BFF's because when we met we were working at a place that had another Michelle so I had to choose another name. So this is really what she knows me by except sometimes she tries to call me Michelle and it just sounds funny coming from her. The only other ones would be my nephews.
66.I would like to move to Tennessee one day.
67. I love to read but it always seems to go in spurts when I get into reading I can read a book in about 3-4 hrs.
68. If money was not a concern I would adopt lots of children.
69. I hate the snow except for the 1st minute after it has fallen before it is disturbed.
70. I secretly still like to watch the old Bev.erly Hi.lls 902.10. I loved that show and I still do ---disturbing I know.
71. I really do not feel like working right now...or ever...but don't get me wrong I am very thankful for my job.
72. Only 1 more day before my vacation.
73. I did not put up any Christmas decorations this year.
74. I did not send out Christmas cards either...I must be a scrooge.
75. I really would like to go sky diving and bungi jumping one day.
76. When I was a little girl I used to think men eventually turned into dogs because they were so hairy...(little did I know that some teenage and boys in their 20's were really the dogs.
77. I can name all the states, where they go and their capitals.
78. I can name all the countries of the world.
79. I love to be barefoot.
80. But I hate hate hate feet! ---its actually a pretty irrational hatred...I mean seriously hate.
81. I have really great eyesight and hearing. I think better then most at least in the eyesight department.
82. The feel of cotton balls gives me the heeby jeebies...I use them I just don't like the feel of them at all.
83. My first "love" ended up becoming really good friends with my DH and he stood up for him in our wedding.
84. I always have great plans to scarpbook and have even bought lots of supplies but I have never gotten around to actually doing it.
85. I love to play Scra.bble and Ba.ckgam.mon
86. I have never been out of the country...well I have been to Canada but seeing as Canada is closer to me then my mother and it literally takes 15 minutes to get there from my house I don't think it counts.
87. I love roller coasters but when we are going up the hill I have a harder time going up then I do going down. I hang on tight on the way up and hold up my arms on the way down---very weird I know.
88. I have always wanted to go to Australia but the long flight does not sound appealing.
89. I was arrested once ---Funny story, I did not pay a speeding ticket because I felt I should not have gotten it anyway so I figured I would show them and not pay it. I got pulled over about 6 months later and by this time I had a suspended license. The cop told me to have someone pick me up and go take care of the ticket...I didn't and 2 weeks later the SAME cop pulled me over and then he arrested me. I thought it was hilarious because really what are the chances of the same cop pulling you took a while for me to convince my mom I was in jail and I needed her to bail me out. She got lost and meanwhile I got arraigned via video. The judge asked me if I understood the charges I said yes...he said how do you plead...I said Guilty...he said obviously you don't understand so I will accept your plea of not guilty and see you in a couple weeks...apparently pleading guilty would have meant I would have spent a while in jail. I went back a few weeks later and paid a 200 fine and it was done. That was my big time in the slammer. I guess I really showed them by not paying the ticket...hahaha
90. I love God but I am not religious.
91. I love love love when I get comments on my blog. It makes my whole day.
92. This list is a whole lot harder then I thought it would be.
93. I love to get mail that is not bills like catalogs, cards and letters...however I do not get many. :(
94. I get sucked in by infomercials. I swear anything they are trying to sell I am convinced I absolutely have to have it.
95. I can not wait for this year to be over.
96. I really hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!
97. and a Happy New Year!
98. I thank you all for your support!
99. I hope their is a massive baby boom next year and all of us in this community have babies.
100. I may complain but I am truly a blessed person!
101. If you read this whole thing thank you.

Whew I am so glad I am done.


Searching for Serenity said...

I read the entire list! And I learned a lot about you. Thank you for sharing.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

CJ said...

Whew! What a great list, I learned a lot. It's hard to do that, isn't it? I did 100 things about me for my 100th post, and it took me FOREVER. :)

Kristin said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I love reading these lists and really, really need to do one myself.


Amanda said...

I heart 50 first dates too. Don't the tears just burst out of you when she sees her daughter for the first time? I had a bad cycle this month and made a mix cd (I know I'm in 7th grade still) and the song that always makes me cry on it is "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" by Isreal Kamakawiwo'ole because that's the song they play at the end of the movie. We'll get over the rainbow someday too.

I hope the progesterone does the trick... I'd push for PIO if your RE doesn't offer it. I hear it hurts bad, but I also hear it's the best.

Good luck. ICLW

lostintranslation said...

Wow! That's a great list (and a cool idea too - I might try it one day...)!

Anonymous said...

I read the whole thing! My favorite part was "big time in the slammer", that was so funny! I'm with ya on that massive baby boom next year - wouldn't that be great!

Thanks for stopping by, and like you I love it when I get visitors - blogging has turned out to be very helpful in dealing with my IF issues.

theworms said...

Wow! What a list. I've never broken a bone (thank God) and also love grap flavored anything :)

Thanks for the comment.


Kahla said...

I read it, great list!!! I'm impressed you got 101!!!!

m said...

Great list! thank you for sharing. It's a great idea, but I think my thoughts would peter out far before 101. I have to admit I started laughing at your last 10. How long did this take you?

And thank you, for your comment and your kind words the other day.


m said...

Great list! thank you for sharing. It's a great idea, but I think my thoughts/ideas would peter out far before 101. I have to admit I started laughing at your last 10. How long did this take you?

And thank you, for your comment and your kind words the other day.


Liddy said...

Loved the 101 things about you post! Hope you have a wonderful holiday.

JamieD said...

That was a fun one!! I did a '100 Things about me' post once and it WAS tough.

Thanks for sharing!

tRacy g said...

What an awesome list, I may have to come up with one of my own! :)