Thursday, January 15, 2009

Are we having fun yet?

Yesterday was a day full of such fun I know you will all be jealous (note the sarcasm). Well it started off as a normal day. Feeling sad (see previous post) trying to be cheery for hubby's birthday. Went to work. Had to do a ballet dance with the car situation...sometimes it is so hard to have only one car. Anyway remembered halfway through the morning we had to renew the plates on our car. Can't be late with that or they charge you a fee. So DH got off work went to his mom's to get money from her so he could get the plates. I get a call from my mom at 4:30 at work. That always gets my heart pumping because my mom rarely calls me (I usually call her) and she especially doesn't call me at work. She left a message so I called her back and she says...Um your sister is being taken to the hospital in an ambulance, she fell at work and she can't move. Can you go watch the kids so her DH can go to the hospital?

ME:What do you mean can't move? Like paralyzed can't move? Mom: I don't know Me: what did they say? Mom: She is going to the hospital I am not sure what happened. (My mom is always a huge wealth of information. Me: Well I don't have a car at the moment let me call DH and find out when he can be here.

Call DH he can't be at my work until 5:15. Roads are bad because it has been snowing all day. UGH! So I call mom and say I can be there at like 5:45 - 6:00. We hang up. She calls back and says just go to the hospital because her DH is picking up the kids and going there. She hurt her knee...don't know if it is broken but it is bad.

Ok I will be there asap and then we can just take the kids home. I am now sighing in relief that at least it's not the paralyzed can't's the hurt knee can't move...big difference.

DH gets to work we are headed to the hospital...almost there and mom calls and says they are releasing her on crutches and she has to see a specialist...probably needs surgery...I am going to the house because her DH is in bad shape Me: huh? mom: His tooth is in pain and his face is swollen. (note: turns out by swollen she meant looks like he sucking on a softball). I felt so bad for him. Even more so then my sister at this point because I know that pain. Once you have that kind of toothache you never forget it because you would rather take pliers and rip all your teeth out one by one with no anesthetic on your own then deal with this pain.

So I meet them at her house. Mom and I and my DH fed the kids, cleaned the house, and got the kids in pj's and let BIL take some pain meds and try to go to sleep.

Now he is pain and my sis can not walk at all. 2 kids, 3 and 1, and I am not sure what they are going to do. Sis is holding out hope that it will just get better in a couple days but it does not sound like it. She can't put any pressure on it. She is hopefully going to a specialist tomorrow so we will know more then. BIL went to dentist and they had to hollow out the tooth and tomorrow they are going to fill it so hopefully he will start feeling better tomorrow. So all in all it was a great day...haha.

I feel bad for them. So all my internet friends if you could send prayers and/or good thoughts their way I would really appreciate it. They could use all they can get!

BTW Happy Birthday Hunny and you thought we weren't going to do anything fun on your birthday, silly you. LOL


Another Dreamer said...

Happy birthday to your husband!

And wowzers, what a day! Sorry for the craziness, I hope your sis and BIL get to feeling better asap!

Eskimo_Kisses_4_U said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your DH. I'll be sending prayers to you Sis and BIL. I know all about the knee and tooth pain.

You were in my thoughts all day yesterday. *HUGS*

CJ said...

I will definitely pray for your sis and BIL, that stinks! And DH sounds like a true champ for being selfless on his birthday. He earned some serious karma points for that.

Melissa said...

praying for your sis & bil!

what a day!! happy birthday to your dh :)

ahh distractions..

In Due Time said...

Happy Birthday Hunny!

At least it wasn't boring. Heh.


Shannon said...

I'm so sorry to hear of all the craziness and rough time you (and everyone else in your family) had yesterday. I hope they heal up soon, they are lucky to have you nearby to count on in times like this. Lots of hugs to you!

CTagsGirl said...

Wow! What an ordeal. I will definitely be sending up prayers for a speedy recovery for BIL and SIL.

Sending happy (belated) birthday wishes to DH!