Saturday, January 17, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow (kids mentioned)

Another day in paradise! More snow, more cold. It is just crazy all the snow we are getting here this year. We got about another 7 inches today. I am so sick of it! I guess at least today it is not -12 degrees like yesterday.

Anyway, went to sis's house this morning to help out a little. She is getting around a little better so that is good news. Hopefully it will just keep getting better and better. BIL's tooth is doing a little better too so thanks to everyone for the well wishes. My nephews were so cute today. I guess it would be no different then any other day. I just love them to pieces. I can't believe No.ah is going to be 2 in a couple months. He is at such a great age! He will just call my name over and over again and I just love it. Jo.ey is getting better at sharing unless of course you are talking about his trains and that would be a whole other story. He is so polite it is cute. When I was over there the other night my mom asked him to find his sippy cup and he said they were downstairs but he couldn't go because the light was not on. I told him I would turn it on and we could go look. So we go downstairs and they are not down their. So Jo.ey is walking up the stairs and saying "I.m sorry Gramma they are not down there. Im sorry I just don't know where they are." How cute is that?

Anyway, then we went to MIL's house to have some cake and ice cream for DH's b-day. We played some W.ii and had fun but I am glad to be home. Now we are just relaxing and trying to stay warm.

Nothing very exciting going on which I guess could be a good thing. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Thanks to the readers who delurked. Again I love your comments so keep em coming.


CJ said...

I can't believe the cold and snow in Michigan! Sheesh! Although we have tons of cloudy days over here in Seattle, I am definitely appreciating our mild climate right now. :)

Eskimo_Kisses_4_U said...

So glad your sis and bil are doing better. I'm ready for spring. I seem to hate winter more and more every year.

Cara said...

Sorry I never got back to you. That message got oddly shuffled to the bottom and somehow un-flagged! Of course I love your idea!

This winter is biting the big one! Glad I'm not the only one who thinks so!

April said...

sounds fun. and i totally agree that i think it is great to not have that freezing cold weather. i will take the snow over the blistering cold anyday!

In Due Time said...

Hope everyone feels better soon. Hang in there!