Thursday, January 8, 2009

Favorite things Friday

Wow this week has been one hell of a week for me at work! I have been so so busy...I mean really don't they understand I have a lot of blog reading to do. The Creme De La Creme List came out on January 1st and I want to read...not work. Oh well, that's work for you they do not understand the important things in life...

Anyway, as I am sure you guessed this week my favorite thing is The Creme de La Creme. It is just filled with the most beautiful, heart wrenching, funny, happy, sad, hope filled, and meaningful posts! It is everyone's best post for 2008. I can't stop reading and since work does not seem to understand, I stay up late just to read. I am trying to move slower because I do not want it to end but the good thing is new ones keep getting added. YAY. If you haven't checked it out then please go over and read the greatest post from the ALI community. And if you are not on the list pick your best post and add it because I can't wait to read!

Happy reading all!

PS Please see my blurb above this post. Don't forget to vote for Mel! She deserves all of our support!


April said...

i like the creme, too. :) it's so distracting, though. i know i need to do my work and i want to read and "meet" new people.


CJ said...

I've hardly gotten to wade into The Creme yet... hopefully soon! DH will be out of town on business soon, that will free up my evenings. :)