Monday, January 12, 2009

Random boring stuff

Not much going on just another day, another 3-6 inches of snow. OK OK already i get the point already! It's winter but really do you have to dump snow on us every frickin day? I need to move to a warm state I am so sick of the snow. I guess we are suppose to get more snow tonight, all day tomorrow, and then again on Wednesday...I am so over it!

I finally finished all my performance reviews at work and am now getting caught up on everything. It feels so good to cross things off my list.

Wednesday is DH's b-day but we are not really planning anything special. Too broke! Saturday we will celebrate with the family.

The same day as his b-day is another anniversary. One not to be celebrated and one not many (if any) except DH and I will remember. It is the anniversary of my first miscarriage. I will write more about this later.

Had a relaxing weekend. We were pretty much snowed in on Saturday. I went to go to the store on Saturday and to MIL but got on the roads and turned right back around and went home. It was not worth it. So we just played Gui.tar and watched movies.

Well I know boring boring boring but oh well that is all I got tonight. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend a Happy Monday (is that possible?). I will write something better tomorrow.


Another Dreamer said...

(*hugs*) on the anniversary of your miscarriage. I hope you guys do something special to remember your lost one, and to celebrate your DH's b-day.

I think I should move to a warmer state too, but I kinda like my state. So I guess I'll have to put up with the winters.

CJ said...

Sounds like a nice low-key weekend! I can't believe all that snow, wow. I'm sorry about the sad anniversary coming up. :(

Melissa said...

I'm sorry about the anniversary. I'm approaching my edd. :-/

I hope you and your DH have fun on his birthday!

i like the snow, but then again i'm in the house most of the day