Friday, February 13, 2009

PCOS awareness

Ok I know I have been a slacker on the favorite things Friday but I haven't been feeling all that great. I will get back to it soon. For today please click here and sign this petition for PCOS awareness. Here is an excerpt from the petition:
We believe there is insufficient community outreach, health resources, services, providers and other barriers that prevent women and girls with PCOS, (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) from obtaining necessary diagnosis and treatment of this syndrome. The cost of such inadequacies comes at the expense of the women and girls with PCOS who languish needlessly jeopardizing their health while the healthcare system unfairly remains uneducated and ill-equipped to deal with the complex treatment needs of this population.

I would really appreciate signatures. I had PCOS for many years before I was diagnosed. I figured it out because of some random article I read when I was 24. I went to the doctor but they insisted I did not have it. It was not until 6 years later that I was FINALLY correctly diagnosed. I believe so many have this and do not even know it. It can put not only your reproductive health in jeopardy but it puts you at higher risk for things such as type II diabetes, strokes, heart attacks, and cancer. So it is very important to be diagnosed even if you are not trying to get pregnant.

Symptoms of PCOS include: obesity (although not everyone with PCOS are over weight), ovarian cysts, anxiety, depression, increased hair growth on the face and other unwanted places, dandruff, oily skin, hair loss, insulin resistance, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, skin tags, pelvic pain, and sleep apnea. Doesn't that just sound lovely?

So please take a moment and go here and let Congress know we need more education. Thank you all !


Cara said...

Wow - that is a side-effect list that no-one wants. Thanks for bring it to our attention.

CJ said...

I signed! I hope it helps increase the awareness of PCOS.

Eskimo_Kisses_4_U said...

Heading over there to sign!

I have almost all of those issues and have had for close to 15 years and it was only a while back when they finally decided that was the proper diagnosis, even after I stayed on them about it.

Another Dreamer said...


You know, I should have been diagnosised at 16. If only I would have had a competent doctor... or been made aware of it in, say, health class. Why don't they ever talk about what could go wrong with the reproductive system in health class when they talk about reproduction? You'd think that while they're at it, they may as well tell you signs and symptoms to look out for. I know, some people would say it isn't there place... but they do routine screenings for things like Scoliosis in schools, so why not educate about symptoms of concern? Irks me, it does. Ungh.

Shelby said...

All signed! I have long suspected that I have PCOS and although I didn't have many of the 'hallmark' symptoms, I had enough to get my antennas up and wondering, but so many docs poo poo it. We need more women to become aware so they can get treatment earlier. Thanks for this!