Monday, February 2, 2009

YAY Steelers!

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Man, I am so very very tired! Last night was a GREAT night! PITTSBURGH WON! I am a big Steelers fan! Why you might ask since I live in Detroit? Well, because I live in Detroit and the Lions SUCK, with a capital SUCK!!!So we here have adopted the Steelers as are home town team. Last night was a such a great game. It is how the Super Bowl should be. Down to the wire sitting on the edge of your seat, pure EXCITEMENT!

We went to my sis's and watched the game. Jo.ey was so cute! It was the first time he actually was having fun watching the game. He would stand on the couch and yell "go baby" when we did and it was funny. We kept telling him we like the yellow team and not the red team so every time they showed the "red guys" he would say we don't like you. But then something horrible happened! Something that should never come out of a nephew of mine's was BLASPHEMOUS!!! See he got confused because we kept telling him we didn't like the "red team" and he is 4 so by the end of the night he was saying "we don't like the Red Wings"...GASP!!! So I had to MAKE IT VERY CLEAR...we LOVE the RED WINGS...we DON'T like the RED CARDINALS! I had to make sure I drilled that into his head...RED WINGS GOOD! Red CARDINALS bad! I think he's got it now. LOL. We had good food and a good time and my team won which equals a GREAT night!

I do have to say with the exception of a few the commercials were HORRIBLE. It amazed me that someone would pay 3 million dollars for 30 seconds and then put out a STUPID commercial. I guess they don't care because they figure we are watching anyway.

Oh well, I hope you all had a fun last night. If you are a STEELERS fan then YAY for you! If you are a Cardinals fan then I am so sorry (do you catch the sarcasm ;o)


CJ said...

LOL -- That's so funny what your nephew said about the Wings. It's funny to see how a child's mind works, he was definitely generalizing what you told him to all red teams. Cute!

Oh, and I was very underwhelmed by the commercials, too.

Barb said...


Yup.. I liked the Clydesdale ones as usual... and the cute Coke bug one. But a lot of them were dumb.. like for tv shows and stuff. ugh.