Monday, September 7, 2009

Back from camping (kids mentioned)

I am back from camping and I think now I am rested up. It was an eventful weekend and we had a really good time!

First off, Sammy is doing well. He is back to his old self and does not be in any pain at all. In fact we have not had to give him any pain meds in a couple days. Hopefully this just continues. MIL said he was very calm and seemed content the whole weekend. They have a sliding glass door that leads out to their deck and they usually leave it open in the summer. Sammy was happy because he could just come in and out as he pleased. I was so relieved that he did well.

Second, we came home curious to see how our cat, Mia, did while we were gone. This was her first time home alone for 2 days. So we get home and start calling her. She is not coming...we start looking around the house and can't find her and we do not hear her meowing or anything so it does not seem she is stuck some where. We look at her food and kitty litter and she has not touched I am concerned. We start looking all over outside thinking maybe she got out. She is not an outside cat and she is a runt so if she was outside she probably would not have done well. We ask our neighbors and no one has seen her. Finally we get a flashlight and find her growling under our bed...the one REAL BIG problem with that...we shut the bedroom door while we were gone and she had been locked in there with NO food and NO kitty litter. She did have water from the dogs dish but NOTHING else. OMG I could not feel any worse about it and she was PISSED!!! and rightfully so!! I can not believe we did that. What terrible fur baby parents we are. I told her she could ask me for anything right now and I would get it for her...luckily that probably won't be a car or anything. :) I am happy to say that after a few hours and a can of tuna later she was back to her purring loving self. Next time I think I will check a million times before we leave.

Third, the trip...was fun! We got to the cabin and found out that we in fact DID have electricity. It was great. But since we did not know this ahead of time we did not have anything that required electricity. The site was in a great location. We stayed in a place that was set to look like a firehouse with fire engine and tower with a slide on it...which the kids loved! They have different sections. They have some that look like train cars, or teepees, wigwams, forts, tree houses... There was so much to do! We also had REAL bathrooms REAL close and the tram that took you around the park was right there. Could not ask for more.

Saturday my sis and I wanted to try one of the zip lines they had. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. I was not afraid at all until I got to the top and had to sit down on the edge and then jump off. Your brain really does not want you to do that. We both did it and it was amazing. We did the medium sized one. They had one for 4-10 year olds which we thought was kind of crazy but Jo.ey wanted to do it so we took him over there and he got strapped in and sat on the edge but did not want to jump. I was so amazed he got as far as he did. My sis and I were having a hard time watching him while daddy and DH walked up with him. Jo.ey said he would try it again next year.

so the plan on Saturday was that we would do the zip line and then the kids would go to the farm and ride the ponies and then to the sprinkler park. This did not happen. When we were walking away from the zip line there was a tractor pulling a wagon full of people giving a tour of the park. I turned to look at them and I could clearly see this thing going way to fast. They came upon a turn which is where the kids and our hubbies were sitting just a few minutes prior, watching us come down the zip line. Well when it hit the bum the back wagon went in the air and hit a tree which made the wagon cover, that was made of steel, come crashing down on the people below and knocking the people on the end. Just typing this gets my heart rate up. It was so scary. My sister ran down there because she is certified in some things since she works with kids. Hubby ran down to see if it needed to be lifted off of anyone. BIL and I stayed with the kids. DH came back soon because luckily it was not on anyone but he said it was bad. When sis came back she was in tears. She said she had not seen that much blood in a long time. She felt bad because the 2 people that were hurt the worse were the mom and dad of a 4 year old. She said the dad was barely conscious and the mother was hurt and they would not let her move. She just wanted to get to her little boy and he wanted his mommy. Unfortunately the nearest hospital was almost an hour away so they had to wait a long time for the ambulance to get there. A lot of people were injured really bad. I wish I could find out how the mom and dad were. Luckily a relative was there to be with the kid and luckily the kid was not injured. It was so scary and so sad!

Needless to say we could not do anything else because the trams were not running then and a lot of things closed. We felt bad that the kids did not get to do anything they wanted to do but they took it well. A lot of things got shoved into yesterday before we left. The kids were so good. The 2 yr old, No.ah, was my little buddy all weekend. He wanted to be with me and hold my hand or have me hold him a lot of the time. It was so cute. I loved waking up to their smiles and little voices in the morning...well I guess not really waking up seeing as I only slept a total of 4 hrs all weekend. See, EVERY OTHER adult in the cabin snored! It was bad and they all competed to see who could be the loudest. My hubby usually wins the loudest and most annoying. That really sucked! The second night I went and TRIED to sleep in the car...not very comfortable! I will have to think of something to do if we do that again.

Anyway, we had absolutely PERFECT weather. Warm doing the day and cool GREAT sleeping weather. This camp is so nice. It is just filled with things to do such as, tubing, ropes courses, zip lines, rock walls, pools, lake swimming with castles, waterslides, and trampline things. They also had crafts, comedy, gyms, skate parks, eurobungy, paintball, canoes...and much more. It is definitely some where I would recommend going.

So all in all with a few bumps in the road it was a great weekend. I hope you all had a great weekend as well!


Another Dreamer said...

Oh, poor kitty!

And, oh my! That accident sounds like it was really scary.

Glad that the weekend was good other than that... but I'm sure that left a dent.

battynurse said...

Glad you enjoyed your weekend minus the accident and blood. That part is scary.
Poor kitty. I did something similar to this a few years ago. I was in washington and was flying down to California for a job interview and one of the neighbor girls had said she would watch the kitties. My 2 girls were little and still nursing but I was trying to get them weaned so I locked mama kitty in the bathroom and left the babies out. When I got home the neighbor girl had forgotten and everyone was out of food and water and mama kitty had been locked in the bathroom all weekend. I felt so bad.

JamieD said...

What a great camping trip! I'm glad everyone had a good time overall.

And yay Sammy!!

Poor Mia! She may not have asked for anything yet, but if I know cats, she'll find a way to get back at you. And it will probably be something you step in . . .

strongblonde said...

the trip sounds awesome...except for the accident. i'm just glad that no one from your party was injured! that sounds so scary. i hope everyone's okay.

also...i've done that to my cat before :( poor thing. i locked her in the closet. why do they want to hide places before we leave??


jill said...

Glad to hear Sammy did well! That sucks about your cat being locked in your bedroom - I hope she didn't pee too much in there. Cat pee is horrible...

Michele said...

Glad you had a nice trip and good weather (even if life on the home front wasnt as fun!)

Sunny said...

Oh man! I am almost in tears hearing about that accident, how scary. I hope everyone was okay...

But I'm glad you had a nice weekend otherwise. It was time for you to relax and get away! And I'm super happy about Sammy, I do worry about him. :)

iamstacey said...

I'm so glad that overall you had such a fabulous trip! I'm so sorry for the folks who got hurt, and I'm so glad it wasn't any of your group!

Talk about a bad furbaby mama - once we left for the weekend, and when we got back, I couldn't find my kitty Johnnie Doe. It took us almost a day and a lot of panic and tears before we finally found her - in the towel closet! We had put those little snappy things on the cabinet doors so they wouldn't swing open, and we accidentally shut her in with the towels for the weekend! OMG, I felt sooooo bad.

Oh! I'm so glad Sammy is dong better, too!

Demara said...

I'm glad it was a great weekend afterall...and i'm glad not many people got injured in that accident!