Sunday, September 27, 2009

Saving money, Losing money and other things

Just got done with my shopping trips for the week and man it is exhausting. I have really gotten into the coupon thing. It is amazing how much money you save, especially when you match it with sales. My Super Kmart was doing double coupons up to 2.00 so my sister (I got her into it too, now) came over and we went. The weird thing is...we both spent the same amount and had the same total after coupons but we got different things. Then I went to Target and got a rain check that they told me yesterday I could not get. I went back today and had no problem. The girl yesterday just did want to take the time...totally ticked me off. Then I went to CVS. Overall, my total at all stores was 110 and I spent 50.00. wish I would have taken a picture to show you all I got because it just amazes me. It is hard work because it takes time to get all the coupons together and figure out where the best places to go each time but it is so worth it in the end. I can not believe how much money I have wasted over the years!

Anyway, today is my mom's birthday so Happy Birthday Mom! She does not read here, thank God, but just thought I would put it out there. Yesterday we went to my sisters and celebrated moms and hers birthday. I made my ice cream pie for my mom. It is our favorite. It was hard to have it sit in my house after making it and not eat it. Then we all went to the casino. It sucked! We all lost. :(

I can not believe it is almost October. Where has the time gone? I have been out of work for 3 does not feel like it. So 2 funny things about the job search. 1. I got an email from a company that wanted me to apply. They were listing their perks, and no joke, one of the perks was..."free access to walk around the office.". LOL Phew so happy they would not chain me to my desk. Anyway, it turns out that company is a scam because they were asking for my credit info before they even meet me. Yea sure I will get right on that...UM NO WAY! 2. I applied to a MAJOR cable company ( I won't mention the name but they are pretty big all around so you can probably figure it out) because my BIL works there and likes it. Plus, it is basicaaly a job tailored to what I have done. I mean if someone wrote a job description describing what I have done for the last 15 years of my life, this job would have been it. Plus a major perk with them is they will pay for IVF. I mean I really do not want to go into a call center again but it would have been waaaay worth it. So, I get an email from them on Friday, saying they have decided that I am not qualified enough for the job. Oh really, I do NOT even think they read my resume! It's their major LOSS because I am sure they are going to hire some person that has half the experience of me or less and they will quit or something and they will have lost out on a good employee. I just found it HILARIOUS that they said that I was not qualified. It proves they did not even look but  I think they should have just said, at this time all the positions are filled and we will keep you in mind for the future...IDIOTS!

Sammy has been doing REALLY good (besides being VERY lonely). He is feeling so much better, I am so glad that I TOLD the vet to give him anti inflammatory drugs. Who knows what would have happened if I had not...

We picked up Katie Jo's ashes. She was cremated because her original "mom" wants her to be buried with her. I had to call the vet inquiring where they were because they told me it would be a week and it was 10 days and I had not heard. She said she called our old phone number from 5 years ago and then said "you signed off on it" (very snotty). First off, you have my right phone number because you have called me several times at it...2nd when I "signed off" on it, it was when I was hysterically crying because I had just lost my dog. You handed me a piece of paper and said can you verify that this is her name and age. Nothing (that I remember) about phone number. 3rd I was not mad or anything I just asked where the ashes were because it had been a while. So hubby picks up ashes and I tell him I want to keep some of the ashes for us. I have put a box together with her collar, favorite toy, favorite blanket and then I was going to put her ashes in there and then if we end up staying here I will bury her in the backyard or if we move I will bury her there. Hubby says NO! He says he has no desire to keep her ashes. I burst into tears because I just want to have some piece of her and he says fine. I know it may be weird to some people but I needed that.

Well, that is what has been going on with me the last few days. I hope all is well with all of you and that you have had a WONDERFUL weekend.

Talk to you soon!


Another Dreamer said...

Sorry about the job issues, and you amaze me with the coupons. I don't even know where people get coupons, because I don't see them in our paper and I very rarely get them at stores or anything. I just looks for sales and go to the discount stores, I'm not very savvy.

I can understand about wanting to keep some of the ashes (*hugs*) Sorry the women on the phone got snotty :(

battynurse said...

Good job on saving money. Sucks about the job. The paying for IVF would be a perk. I hope something comes around soon.
The keeping Katies ashes makes sense. I had some friends that when their cat died they didn't know what they wanted to do with him so they wrapped him up carefully and put him in the freezer of the fridge in the basement (not the main fridge) until they figured out where to get him creamated and get the ashes back. Her son was totally creeped out by that.

Amanda said...

We had our pup cremated as well and when we got the ashes back it was very hard for us both. Now, I actually take the ashes upstairs or downstairs with me because that's what my baby would have been doing if he were alive; following me everywhere. I know that must sound morbid, but it really is comforting to me.

Sunny said...

Lots of ups and downs! I am so impressed that you save so much with coupons. I'm really going to have to start doing that. :/ It seems like whenever I do have coupons, I forget to use them!

I'm sorry about the job search and the trouble with the vet. :( No need to be rude, people, seriously.

Anonymous said...

Great job on the coupons! My DH has just started getting me into coupon clipping. It is so worth it! We saved $30 on our last trip to the grocery store. But it was a mongo purchase with tons of stuff (we hadn't been in almost 2 months), and sure enough, after everything was rung up and the clerk was scanning the LAST coupon, the register freaked out and they had to reboot it! The lady behind us got so mad she threw some of her stuff on the floor, yelled and left! So insane...if you only have a few items, and you have to go get your kid at the bus stop, GO TO THE SPEEDY CHECKOUT LINE! That's all I'm sayin'...

I'm so sorry about the vet office. That receptionist should be fired!

Oh - can you tweak your resume and re-submit it? Can you ask your relative who works there to have a supervisor or someone do a favor and pull it out of the pile?

Barb said...

Mean people suck. Coupons ROCK!
And I KNOW about October. I will be THIRTY-TWO in a VERY SHORT TIME!!! (And Hub will be 34!) Where the hell does the time go huh????