Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Missing Katie Jo

I miss her so much! My house feels empty, which is weird seeing as I have another dog, a cat, and 2 birds to fill it. But it just feels so different without Katie jo. I am having a hard time figuring out how she went from doing so well to so bad within 12 hrs. I was just saying Sunday how she had been doing good. She used to wait at the bottom of our stairs from the laundry room to the kitchen when we would let her in from outside. She would wait  for us to lift her up. She had not been doing that the last few days. She had been running up them like they were no problem. She was playing with Sammy and just seemed really happy. How does she go from that to not being here anymore?

Sammy and Mia seem really sad today. My cat, who really did not get along really well with Katie because Katie did not put up with the cats crap, has been extra needy today. She has not left my side all day. She has to be touching me at all times. Right now Sammy is laying in Katie's favorite spot on our living room floor. This is strange because Sammy does not sleep on the floor. He is always on the couch or the bed. Sammy has never been much of a barker but Katie was. we would laugh when we let her outside because we would say she always had to announce her presence. As soon as she would walk outside she would run to the front gate, bark once, and then run to the back and do her business. Then she would bark at anything that crossed her path. Well today we let Sammy out and he was barking like crazy while he was out there. There was not anything to bark at. I think they miss her too.

I have lost many animals in my life and I had forgotten how much it sucked. I thought it would be easier because she was old and we expected it to happen sometime soon...it's not! My mom is having a hard time because it was the last piece of her friend that we had. Her friend that died last year was really Katie Jo's mom. We took Katie in after she died. We would take Katie to my moms sometimes and my mom was always happy to see her. It was like having a piece of her friend with us. I am happy that my mom got to spend the weekend with her a couple weeks ago when we went camping. It worked out well.

I just keep thinking about the look in her eyes when they were giving her the shot at the vets yesterday. She was angry because it was in her leg that bothers her and she does not want anyone to touch. I just told her that she would feel all better in a minute and then she was gone. So her last few seconds on earth she was mad and I feel bad about that. I hope she knows how much we loved her.

In other news, Sammy has been doing really good since we got the anti inflammatory drugs. Hopefully he continues getting better and better because I definitely can't take losing another of my fur babies. I feel like crap today. I think i am getting sick. I am coughing like crazy and generally just feel really run down. I have been drinking a lot of ai.b0rne. It usually helps if you get it early enough. I have slept a lot today so I am hoping that I will feel better tomorrow.

Sorry for a depressing last couple posts. Hopefully things will start turning around soon.  I hope you are all having a better week then I. Thank you all for your kind words.


battynurse said...

Hugs to you and your mom both. I'm sure you are missing your poor doggie so much. It's so hard to lose them when they've become such a big part of our lives.

Melis.sa said...

I'm so sorry. It is going to take some time. I'm sure Katie Jo was happy that you guys took her in and took such loving care of her. ((HUGS))

Eskimo_Kisses_4_U said...

Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry. You're other furbabies know something is wrong. They can see, hear and sense it. Your precious Katie Jo knows you loved her and that you made a decision so she wouldn't suffer. I know it doesn't make you feel better, but you put your furbaby first and you know you did the best you could (and all you could to help her.)

I know the pain is there and that there is little that can be said or done to ease it, but know you aren't alone in your journey without Katie Jo. She has crossed Rainbow Bridge and will be waiting for you someday.


jill said...

It took a lot of courage to be there with her at the end - I'm sure she knows you love her.

So sorry you are having to go through this.

Sending lots more *hugs*

Another Dreamer said...

(*hugs*) to you all. It is so hard to lose a pet, because they're more like friend and companions than anything. I am thinking of you all. She was so loved.

Megan said...

I'm so sorry.

Anonymous said...

I just feel so badly for you, Michelle! Our old kitty did the same thing, she had a great perky turn-around for about two weeks before she started having bad seizures. Then they got super bad all within a day and a half. You know, it's hard to say, but I see it all the time with people, too, in the field I work in.

I still miss my kitty all the time. We still had three cats and a dog at home, but it felt so empty, I went out and got another dog. I know just exactly what you mean and I just feel so sad for you. So sorry about all you're going through.

Anonymous said...

it's hard to lose a member of your family :( i'm so sorry.

thinking lots about you and your furbabies.


Barb said...

SO sorry sweetie. You are entitled to these posts. I'm glad Sammy seems better though.

Sunny said...

I have never really lost a pet before, but how much I love my dog now -- I'm sure it's really difficult. Let yourself mourn and remember Katie Jo. Sending more ((((hugs)))).