Saturday, September 19, 2009

Locked out

Not much going on with me. I am still trying to get used to Katie Jo not being here. I can't believe how different it feels. I haven't been through a day yet without shedding a tear or two. It really sucks to have to make a decision like that.

Anyway, yesterday my DH locked us out of the house. It sucked!! Our neighbors have a key but of course they were not home. DH had taken the key from our hiding spot and never replaced it and me being the super safe person that I am, I had all doors and windows locked up. So, it was a no go on breaking in. I guess that is reassuring, but yesterday it sucked. We couldn't go any where because, of course our car keys are attached to our house keys, so we had to sit on our porch and wait until our neighbors, HOPEFULLY, came home. 3 hrs and much aggravation later they came home and we were able to get back in.

Still no luck in the job department. I am hopefully going to be able to pay my RE the money I owe him in the next few weeks and will then be able to make an appointment to see him. Keeping my fingers crossed that it all works out the way I have planned. But, we all know what happens to the best of plans.

Sammy is still doing pretty good. Some days he seems to move slower then others but for the most part he is well. He clearly misses Katie. He has been sleeping in her favorite spots and he just looks really sad. Anyway, no big plans for the weekend. DH is working with his friend this weekend making some much needed extra cash. Plus tomorrow morning he has a meeting at work where they are going to pass out bonus checks. We are hoping it is good. I guess anything is better then nothing, so we will take whatever they give and consider it a blessing.

Thanks again for all your kind words in our difficult time this last week. You have brought a smile to my face and warmed my heart when I needed it most. That is why I just love this community so much. I don't know what I did before I had all of you! I hope you all have a great weekend!


Another Dreamer said...

Oh man, sorry you got locked out... that sucks! Especially on top of everything, ungh. I hope things get better for you soon hun.

battynurse said...

That sucks being locked out. I rented a house once that the door felt unlocked from the inside even if it was locked and I can't even count how many times I locked myself out of that damn house. I had keys at like 3 different peoples houses.

Sunny said...

Oh no! Getting locked out is the worst feeling. I'm sure those 3 hours felt like 20.

iamstacey said...

Argh, getting locked out must've been awful! I hope your husband's bonus makes up for the bad day!

My husband and I were swimming in the back yard, and I decided to go in early to take a shower. I piddled around, and 45 minutes later I was wondering where my husband was. I finally heard him knocking on the back door - when I came in, I must've thrown the lock without realizing it! While I was in the shower, a lightning storm had started, and worst of all - he had gone swimming in his underwear! I felt sooooo bad (after I stopped laughing)! said...

I'm sorry about getting locked out of the house! My dh and i used to do that all the time in college. it was SO annoying.

I hope your DH gets an excellent bonus and that you guys can pay the RE and set up an appt!!

JamieD said...

How frustrating! And it's Murphy's law that your neighbors had to take three hours getting home instead of just being around the corner.

I am sorry about Katie Jo. I know your whole family misses her - she sounds like a special girl who had a big heart. A void like that is never really filled.

Good luck with the bonus!!

Lavender Luz said...

Locked out is kind of a metaphor for IF, isn't it?

Glad you were able to get back in without any breakage, but the wait must have seemed endless!