Monday, November 3, 2008


so I was experimenting and it did not work, lost the post...oh well.


April said...

I actually heard (in addition to not smiling enough) that you have more of a "soap" smell and the people in the office really prefer a vanilla scent. Could you please get to work on this? like ASAP? thanks.

:) I actually had a student evaluation one year that said that I wear too much black. seriously? why can't people be a little more constructive?

don't sweat them. I think you should call in. OR I could write you a note (you know I'm an NP) that says that you have to limit your smiling b/c it is detremental to a condition that I am not at liberty to discuss :) Just let me know if you need it.

Cara said...

Michelle -

1. Definately Voting!
2. (loud affirmation) YOU ARE HUMAN
3. Glad you spoke up
3a. Sorry it didn't get you anywhere

Funny how we say something so profound and they hear every third word or something.

4. KILL THEM WITH SILKY SWEET KIND SMILES (for just a minute, then switch to a serious, "is that what you wanted?" look)

Ok - maybe that should just be a guiltly little fantasy if you want to keep your job..but it was fun to write!

Shelby said...

Ugh. How frustrating! I don't recall reading that you were in the entertainment business. Perhaps they would like you to throw in a jig while you're at it?

I am so sorry some people have decided that bosses should be made of stone-stone with permanently carved-in smiles. I for one prefer my bosses with a more human dimension.

By the way, I too have a date with the polls tomorrow night! Hope it's a good one. I'd like to be wined and dined Obama-style.

Another Dreamer said...

Her response... my fist in her face. Ungh. Sorry you have to deal with that stupidity.

I echo, YOU ARE HUMAN (I hope. I'd be a little freaked out if you weren't!)

Point is, I can't stand people who want to tell anyone how having stuff like that happen "isn't all that bad", because, seriously? Those people have no clue. Nada.

Michelle said...

Thnks you guys made me laugh and I needed that!

Dora said...

Damn! That just sucks! So sorry.

How about wearing wax lips on tough days? This website actually recommends them for business use.

musicmakermomma said...

Sorry you are dealing with this. I hate those stupid comment sheets - Usually they are taken with a grain of salt but once I had a job where even one comment could bring you down. I was teaching computer classes and I had a group of teachers (hardest people to teach!) and ONE of them said the class went too slow! This group had INSISTED on all 12 of them being together (several had NEVER touched a computer, including the principal) and had approved the curriculum ahead of time. The other 11 comments were stellar, but this one person was bored because they had already known everything I taught! I quit that job a month later - ridiculous.

So paste on your wax lips (see Dora's entry) and don't let the turkeys get you down!

C said...

I'm sorry this happened to you! I have the perfect mug I would send you to use at work:

JamieD said...

Ugh - what a boob.

It is amazing what people will write on a survey. After teaching a class, I had someone write on their evaluation form I had too soothing of a voice and I put them to sleep. WTF?!?!

You've had a shitty year, you are human. You are not solely responsible for the happiness of everyone around you. If they think you should be whistling "Zippidy Doo-Da" out your butthole, well, maybe they should go somewhere else.