Thursday, August 27, 2009

Do they make neck braces for dogs?

The last couple days have been a little crazy. Yesterday Sammy was doing better then he has in a long time. He was running around and playing like usual. i was so relieved. So lat night I went to my moms and visited with her, my nephews, my sis, BIL, and my mothers best friend from when I was young. I have not seen her in probably 10 or more years. she moved to California a long time ago. She was in town for her sons 40th birthday and she wanted to see my sis and I so we went over. She was so much fun when we were young. We used to do crazy things. We would celebrate random things like the 3rd day of the month or something weird and we would go get ice cream. There are a couple things I destinctly remember...

1. We were celebrating something like a Saturday and we went to get McDonald's and then we ate it in a grocery store parking lot. Big celebration...right. Now I think it was cool that we did that...back then as a teenager I was devastatingly embarrassed.

2. One time she said we were going to go to get ice cream and go to this really cool park she heard about. We all piled in the car and then we drove into her back yard. She had a really big back yard.

3. We went to a state park and we were there pretty late. We walking pretty far from the car on some hills and then we saw something in the sky that looked a lot like a UFO and it was close. I remember her freaking out and taking off running. We all followed screaming and running down the hill as fast as we could go.

I have many memories of her and my mom. They were fun times. She was my favorite friend of my moms. She definitely tells it like it is and I like that. It was really nice to see her. she is doing well after being really close to dying a year or 2 ago...I think.

I saw my nephews and as usual they were cute. We are going over to babysit the little one N.oah because they are going to a wedding and Jo.ey is going to be the ring bearer. Oh he is going to look ADORABLE in his tux. I can't wait to see him.

Anyway, I got home around 11:00 and then Sammy was worse then he has ever been. We figured out it was his neck because he would not turn his head and if we touched it he would cry. So we decided we would take him to the vet today. Last night though, was HORRIBLE. He did not sleep at all. all he did was pace up and down the hall way ALL NIGHT and cry. I would try to get him to lay down but he would only do it for like 3 minutes and then yelp and then start pacing again. This was exausting and heartbreaking at the same time because there was nothing I could do to make him feel better.

As soon as the vet opened I made an appointment. we took him at 3:00 today. As well as everyone else in the free world. This place was the busiest I have ever seen it. It was crazy. Sammy was so good. He is a whiner though when we go because he thinks everyone is there to see him and when they do not pet him he does not understand. Today though he was the best he has ever been...even in the car...he HATES the car...although he always THINKS he will like it...he NEVER does.

We explained to the vet what has gone on in the past week and he asked if Sammy had any in him. I said yes he is part He said neck injuries are common with Bea.gles si he gave him a shot and gave us some pain medication for him to take. He said if he does not start feeling better in a couple weeks that we will have to bring him back for x-rays and more shots. (I hope not because we inquired to the cost and all of it will be 300-500 dollars. UGH!) Hopefully this will do the trick. He said though not to let him run around or jump because that is what happened yesterday. He felt better and then around like a mad dog and then hurt himself worse...So we have to keep him calm for the next month. Hmmm this should be interesting...I wonder if they have doggy neck braces...LOL. I feel so much better now that we took him in! He is sleeping comfortably right now. AHHH!

Hopefully I will be getting a good night sleep tonight and Sammy too.

7 comments: said...

Aw, I hope the pain meds help him feel better.

I'm glad that you had some fun!! :)

wannabmomma said...

Great memories from your childhood!

I hope Sammy feels better soon! I understand about the stress of not being able to help him. One of our dogs had back surgery (not cheap!) about 2 years ago, then a couple of months ago the symptoms came back. Scary stuff. Meds helped him this time. Hopefully Sammy's neck doesn't get too serious!

Enjoy a good night's sleep!

Eskimo_Kisses_4_U said...

You might as the vet about a does limit their mobility some and might be a good, cheap option. Most vets will lend you a cone and will only charge if they dont get it back...even then it's only about $10 or so. Not sure about an actual neck brace, though. I hope the medication and keeping him still works.

Hope tonight is better for you.

Sunny said...

What fun memories! :)

I'm so sorry for poor Sammy. Just what he needs, a hurt neck! I hope you can keep him calm... never works with my pooch. :P

Barb said...

Poor doggie. :( Hopefully it's not a disc problem or anything and just a knot.

battynurse said...

Sounds like a great time last night with friends and family.
Hope Sammy's neck heals and soon he's back to normal. It sounds painful.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Sammy is better! Whew!

What a great time with your family! I love spending time with mine. Nephews just make my day! :)