Thursday, August 13, 2009

Infertility on TV

I think I have writer's block or nothing I am doing is very interesting. It could be the last one the most. Nothing much is going on with me. Just casually looking for a job. It is not a big priority now that I am getting unemployment. I would like to enjoy a few months off work. I have applied to some though. The ones that seem worth it. One I applied for really sparked my interest. It was for an admin asst for one of our local universities. They have a research department that is doing research on miscarriage and stillbirth. When I saw that I thought it would be perfect. however, I have not heard anyting from them...yet. Hopefully I will because that would be great!

Other then that I got my hair cut prety short this weekend. It was so long. I think it had been a year since I last got my hair cut. I am thinking that is way too long. Anyway, I love the hair cut. I feel 10 pounds lighter and it is so much easier to manage.

Has anyone watched the new show on I believe T.N.T called Hawth0.rne. I am loving that show. It gets me everytime. Speaking of shows has anyone noticed lately the many people on reality TV that have infertility problems or had them or are making sure they don't have problems. I like that they are bringing it out in these shows. Showing some of the struggles. Although one show kind of ticked me off. It was South.ern on the so.ap op.era network. It was pretty good except one girl had a miscarriage many years ago and now she wants to have children. She was with a guy that clearly did not want to have children yet she figured she could change his mind...that just drove me crazy but that is not the thing I am posting about. She went to a fertility dr to see if she was going to have problems having children and you know what they did? They did an ultrasound and said everything looks fine, you should have no troubles. HUH? What? First of all an ultrasound does NOT show whether you will be able to have children! If you looked at my ultrasounds it shows my uterus is perfect yet I still have 4 lost babies and no live ones. Second off, the next clue should have been that she had a miscarriage before! What kind of doctor was this? I am glad that these things are being put out there but if you are going to do it please make sure the info is acurate. I mean maybe she did have more of an appointment where they did other things and just did not state it on the show but for anyone who does not know anything about infertility they will think all they have to do is go to a doctor and have them do an ultrasound to get all their answers. That really ticked me off! Also, anyone going to watch the special on 0ct0 m0m?

Anyway, I am hopefully going to get a new computer soon. I am looking for a GREAT deal and nothing too expensive. This computer that I am using now is getting worse and worse by the day. Sometimes I just hate getting on it because I know it is going to take forever to do what I need to do. We will have to see because money is not very abundant right now.

Well that is all I have got for right now. I hope everyone is having a good week.


Triumph said...

I had one of those computers and the first thing I did when I got this new job was to buy a new computer. Beleive it was a whole new world. I hope you will find one suitable soon.

Take care and all the best in your efforts to find a job, and in your pursuit to have a baby. said...

oh, i hope they call you back about the research job, that would be awesome!!

oh man when you need a new computer...that stinks. ours was running slow for forever and my dh bought a new memory thing for it (i'm clearly not technically savvy :))

Anyway, i hope you have a great weekend!

Another Dreamer said...

I hope you hear back from the study.

Infertility on TV, it is infuriating to say the least. I'll never understand how they can't even get the simplest things right... it's called research people! As a writer, you are supposed to research the facts you don't know, or else just stick to the things you do know... frustrating.

Michele said...

I recommend HP. I'm a Mac person but we couldnt justify spending the cash and so I got a HP for reasonable and it works well.

Sunny said...

Ha! An ultrasound to confirm your fertility. What a laugh! Are the writers of that show that stupid, or were they just writing in something that needed to be convenient? Ridiculous. You can't see my endo in an u/s!

Good luck on the job hunt. :)

JamieD said...

For some reason, the medical stuff on TV is not at all in tune with how it really happens. Even on medical shows like ER and Grey's Anatomy. Isn't there someone supposed to be in charge of things like that? It makes me nuts!

Anonymous said...

lol. i was watching the housewives of the southern district :) and they had something similar. one of the girls was interested in trying to have a baby over they went to an RE. and one of the things they asked about was just having some twins. like it's that easy. i originally found it interesting that they scheduled an apt before they even started trying, but also found it very interesting that the RE was telling her all about how it's easy to get pregnant after 35. whatev!!

hope you hear about the research position. it sounds great!!!

Echloe said...

I've noticed the reality tv fertility thing and it irks me too. I hope that the girl on the show you mentioned actually had more tests. Otherwise she may be heartbroken whenever her boyfriend comes around to wanting kids.