Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Some computers, dogs and lots of reality TV

That is what I have been up too. Well, I think I am totally obsessed with my new computer! I have been on it a lot since I got it. I guess that happens when you have no job, and no kids to take up your time. I will have to say a lot of the time was from looking for jobs and I decided to change my email address. OMG if you can ever avoid this then please do because it is a big pain in the ass! The problem was my old email was just getting bombarded with junk mail! I mean like 300-400 junk mail a day. Yes I had a filter but still that many would still get through. Plus I would have to still go through all the junk mail because a lot of the time a message I wanted would be in my junk mail. I wanted to go to gmail anyway because 1. it puts all my google stuff in one place and2. I can program it with my win.d0ws ma1l. It took like 6 hrs to change all my addresses where I needed it changed. Is that not crazy or what?

The other thing is I am pretty crazed about B!g Br0ther, I absolutely love this show and this season has been crazy!!!! Chima is getting kicked out tonight and I could not be happier. I have been trying to find all the videos to see what really happened and not what the producers of the show want to show us tonight. I really wish I had the live feed but I really am not willing to pay for it. Also wish I had Sh0wtime so I could watch the after dark but I don't and again not really willing to pay for it. If you have never watched this and you like reality shows I think this is one of the best and you should watch it.

In other news we got Katie Jo's haircut and man she looks so cute. However, the lady could not finish her one leg so she kind of looks funny because everything else is shaved except her left front leg. I felt bad because Katie really does not like anyone to touch that leg and when the groomer tried Katie bit her in the face. Not bad but still it was the face. She told me and I was apologizing and she said it was not Katie's fault. She said she just hurts their and was protecting it. She felt bad because she did not finish and told me she was not going to charge me. I of course paid anyway. How could I not after she got bit. Anyway, Katie still looks cute and she knows it too. She just prances around the house like she is the cutest dog in the world. It cracks me up!

So that is about all that is going on with me the last couple days. Anyone going to check out the 0ct0m0m special on F0x this week? I can not believe someone paid for that. What a train wreck that will be!!


Anonymous said...

i love reality tv, but have never been sucked into bb. maybe i should give it a shot?

everyone's talking about the oco special, but i seem to be totally out of the loop. what's the deal? maybe i'll have to look it up!

glad that you got the email thing straightened out. that totally sucks!!!


Triumph said...

I like reality tv too, but cannot take in too much or I will suffer a overload.

I am happy you got your new computer. enjoy.

Sunny said...

I watched one season of BB, and I loved it! Haven't really gotten into it in a couple of years, though.

I absolutely refuse to watch Octomom. I really want to, out of curiousity (like a trainwreck), but I am going to refrain on principle.

Melis.sa said...

oh i don't know if i can watch octomom..

woot for the new computer though!!

Demara said...

I gotta go watch BB now...couldn't finish reading that paragraph you wrote on it...sorry!

OctOmOm? haha ya...not sure. It looks hilarious...tho! What were THEY thinking?

I'd be happy with just ONE.

no kids..no job= boredom

JamieD said...

It ~is~ a big pain to change your email addy but it is worth it! You'll love it when you open your email box and have nothing but emails for YOU.

I actually have two email addresses - one I give to friends and family and the other I give out when stores request it or you have to enter it to get access to a webpage. It cuts down on a LOT of the crap.

Michele said...

I love gmail! Switching a few years ago was the best decision I ever made, even though it was a HUGE pain!

Shannon said...

I absolutely love Gmail too, at first I thought the labels were weird, but it's so awesome now that I'm use to it.

I'm curious about the Octo special too, part of me wants to watch and the other wants to boycott.

battynurse said...

I love my gmail account. I do have 3 email accounts though. My msn account I hardly ever look at and is almost all junk mail. If I'm shopping at some new site or something I usually give my msn account. My yahoo acct is primarily used for ebay and paypal. Then my gmail account is my primary address. It works. I get some junk but not tons. I do get tons of junk to my msn.
For the most part I don't do reality TV. I have found a show I sort of like (cake boss) but other than that I skip it.