Monday, August 31, 2009

I am a HORRIBLE fur baby mom!

Things have not been well...with my doggie that is. I thought he had turned a corner. That getting him to the vet last week would do the obviously has not. I know it has pretty much monopolized my blog lately but it is monopolizing my life as well. Last night and mainly this morning was the absolute worst. Hubby was at work and Sammy was pacing. All of sudden he just stood there and yelped and screamed for 5-10 minutes straight. It was like someone had a death grip on him and was hurting him so bad. I ran to him and tried to get him to lay down. He is not suppose to be up and around. We are suppose to cage him...I don't have one.

I tried to call the vet to find out what I should do and he was in surgery. They said he would call us is 7:45 pm and he hasn't. I tried to call them again at 4:30 and they said it may be late because he was very busy today.

Today has been draining. All I have done is cry. I do not know what to do. I am sad because he hurts so bad and that I do not have a dime to my name. I am hoping that my vet will work out a payment plan with us and help. I just want someone to help him. I looked on line to see what I could do if You have an emergency with an animal but you are unable to pay at the moment. I could not find anything. all I found was a bunch of people saying..."Well then you should not have a dog if you can't afford it."...HUH if it were only that easy! What about the people who did have a job, who could provide the love and support for the dog but then hit some financial bumps in the road, like losing a job and now is struggling to get by. What about the person that would do anything to help your fur baby but does not have any resources. What is a person suppose to do? Oh as soon as I lose my job I am suppose to take all my animals to the pound so they can NOT find them a home (i live in Detr.oit everyone is broke) and the kill them. UH NO! Would you do that with your child? I wish there was some law that stated they had to help them whether we could afford it or not. Like with humans there should be SOME PLACE to go. I have not found any...

So I have sat here...almost paralized with what to do. I have had animals die in my life. I have pretty much always had animals but in my adult life I have never really had to deal with a sick animal who I do not know how to help. I just need the vet to let me make a payment plan and I will do anything to help Sammy...I so wish I would have bought insurance for him.

I thought this would be what I would be going through with Katie Jo. Although it would be hard I would know it is because she is old, she has lived her life. Sammy is only 8...he has a ways to go. I am hoping he has not gotten better just because he really has not just laid down and done nothing. I mean he hasn't been up and running around...he isn't like that normally...he is a huge sleeper but he has been up and walking around. Sometimes when we are not paying attention or haven't been home he has jumped up and down from the couch...gone up and down stairs. So today after calling around and then doing some MacGy.veresque moves I think we have rigged up something to prevent him from moving around too much. We moved the bed against the wall, took our broken closet door and laid that against the bed so he can't get under the bed and then moved a little dresser in front of the opening. Throw in a blanket and pillow and food and water and there is his new home. He can walk about three steps and that is it. So I told him if he does not lay with us in the living room he must be in there. We put them in there for a while and he stayed but then started scratching to get out. We brought him to the living room and he never moved a muscle after that he just laid on the couch except when we carried him to go outside. We did finally find a crate that my neighbors had for a dog that they just put down. We are going to put him in there if he does not follow the rules. :) He may hate it but it is for his own good. I wish I could make him understand that.

My hope is we can get him to lay down for a few weeks and then he will start to feel better...or better yet we can work something out with the vet. My fur baby just looks at me with the saddest eyes and I feel like a failure as a fur baby momma! Maybe that is why I do not have real kids...I suck...I can't even help a dog! He wants me to help, he NEEDS me to help him and all I can do is say I LOVE YOU AND I AM TRYING!


wannabmomma said...

You are not a horrible furbaby mom! You are doing all you can for him. In regards to payment options, if the vet accepts it, there is a "credit" card for pets called CareCredit. We had to get that when one of our dogs needed back surgery asap and it was thousands of dollars. We made payments on that and it was interest-free for a year.

I totally understand too about how hard it is to keep him immobile. Wally had to be strictly crated for four weeks!! While he had pain meds it was easy to keep him still, but when he ran out and started feeling better he wanted to run around and play. I know he may not like you at the time, but remember it is for his own good.

Good luck! I hope the vet calls you back soon!

Sunny said...

Oh I am SO sorry for poor Sammy!! My heart is breaking for him, and for you to witness his pain and not be able to stopt it. That is the worst. You are a WONDERFUL fur baby mom, don't you think that way. He is lucky to have you.

All those people who say you shouldn't have a dog if you can't afford outrageous vet bills are ridiculous. Like you said, life situations change. These people are obviously lucky enough never to know hard times. These are also the fertile people who bash those of us who use ART. Talk about no empathy. Bah.

I really hope the vet calls you and works out a payment plan. If they don't, I would call vets in the area and see if someone can. Prayers for your poochie. said...

Aw, I am so sorry!! Did the vet call back??? ((HUGS))

Another Dreamer said...

(*HUGS*) I am so sorry hun. I know what it's like to watch a pet suffer and not be able to do anything about it... and know the whole time that there are no other options but to tend to them as best as you can, because shelters are just not an option. So sorry hun. It hurts so bad to watch another suffer, fur-baby or human.

Hope.Faith.Patience said...

I'm sorry, I hope things get easier for you and Sammy. I think you are a great fur baby mom! It sounds like you have done a great job keeping him from moving around too much :-) ((hugs))

Demara said...

I think using the crate is a good idea! Especially in case he gets sick again...throws up...because that way you only need to clean up the one area.

My husband had a dog, Bubba, that ended up pacing and going in circles with his head tilted to the side...they found out Bubba had a brain tumor...he had to be put down...because they couldn't afford the surgery and he was 15.

I know Sammy is only 8 but even young babies, human ones, get sick as infants with cancer...those humans can only cry...they can't say where it hurts, either. But like you said they are taken care of financially more so than animals are. (It's funny i was just thinking about places for rent, places that don't allow pets that is, recently. These places are not allowing some peoples "babies" and THAT I HATE too)

But if Sammy has something serious like cancer it might explain what's happening to him...

Eskimo_Kisses_4_U said...

First of all, you are NOT a horrible furbaby mom. It sucks when our animals hurt and can't tell us what's wrong or the symptoms. It sucks when we don't have a vet that is reliable. It sucks when we dont have the finances to pay for what we once could.

Chances are, if you have been with your vet, they will make a payment plan for you. Ours not only does that, but if we have no way to the vet clinic after or during hours, she will come here.

Write down everything...from what your dog ate to how much to potty habits and when, where and how long yelping, whining, limping, etc lasts. Note if your Sammy has trouble doing something normal and describe it. Sometimes while being so stressed and feeling so helpless we tend to forget important small things. Even if you think something has nothing to do with things, mark it down. It may be a symptom of something that the vet is missing.

Insist on your vet running a heartworm test, giving you a cone to help immobilize your dog (this WILL help if you can't crate Sammy), and KEEP CALLING your vet. Even after hours. INSIST. If your vet will not or cannot return your calls in a timely manner, search for one that will. You are paying them to do their job correctly...if they can't, find something that is worth your money and will give Sammy the proper care and time.

It could be something simple like an infection or something injured...or it could be something way more serious. Some dogs have more risks with injuries to back/neck than others. Beagles are one of those breeds.

Any type of injury that requires crate time can take 4-6 weeks to begin to heal...Ask for sedatives for Sammy if staying still isn't working.

Don't be afraid to ask...don't be afraid to write down symptoms or questions/concerns. Don't be afraid to be adamant about proper care. You are paying them and most vets will do payment plans if you ask.

Sending you love and healing positive thoughts and prayers. I hope Sammy (and you) feel better very soon.

JamieD said...

You are NOT a bad fur-baby mommy. It just sucks to not be able to explain to them what's going on and why you are doing what you're doing.

I know vets around here will work out payment plans so if your current vet doesn't, surely you can find one that will. If you have trouble you might call local humane socities and see if they have any suggestions. There are vets here who do a lot of charity work for humane socities and they might have a more sympathetic ear to your situation.

I agree with the above comments - KEEP CALLING YOUR VET. Don't let him blow you off. There is obviously something Sammy is trying to tell you.

I am so, so sorry for all you have been going through. I can't imagine how hard it has been for you with all you have on your plate. You and Sammy both are in my thoughts and prayers.

iamstacey said...

I'm so sorry for you and for Sammy! You are doing your very best for him! I just wish they could give you an answer so you'd know what to do. We're so lucky our vet is an old family friend (back to our parents) and she lets us make payment plans when we have something really big happen. We couldn't do it, otherwise! I really hope your vet lets you set up a plan!

Also, there's a credit card just for medical bills called Care Credit. They also do vet bills. I had it before when our vet was still in vet school but it's been about 10 years ago. You might check online, see if you can find it and apply.

Bluebird said...

This made me cry! It's so hard to feel so helpless :(

battynurse said...

I'm so sorry about all of this that is going on right now. I know how stressful it can be to have a sick animal and not have the money to fix it. And you are so right about how you didn't start out in this situation. Granted yes some people who can't afford vet care (my aunt comes to mind) still adopt animals they can't afford to care for which is irresponsible. However especially now there are so many who have lost their jobs and are now struggling with everything, including caring for their pets.