Sunday, August 16, 2009

So excited!

I am so excited because I got a new computer! YAY now I can actually do things and it won't take forever! I got a Ga.teway laptop fron Bu.y and I got a great deal. I like it because it has a full size keyboard. That is one of the things I always hated about laptops was that the keyboards are different, especially the number keys. I hate using the ones on the top! This one has voice recognition so really I do not even have to type. I am totally dictating this blog post and not typing a thing. Isn't that cool?

I haven't been online that much this weekend because I had the Ge.ek come and set up my wireless router. They told me it would take 1 and half hrs. My window was from 4-8 today. He got here at 7:55, of course...isn't that how it always goes? Anyway, it took him all of 5 minutes. They totally just wanted some more money from me. They also tried to sell me some crap about they would come and optimize my computer for an additional 130.00. He told me if I did not do that it would take the computer 1 hr to start up do to all the factory installed programs that I do not need. I decided not to do that because I am pretty good with computers and figured it might take some time but I can totally remove unwanted items. So I get the computer home and you know how long it took to start up and then to uninstall all unwanted stuff? 1 minute to start up and about 10-15 to remove stuff. WTF? totally trying to rip me off! Glad I did not fall for it. I figured how hard could it be. I have had 2 prior computers and never had a problem. Anyway, so I am excited to have this. My hubby was not too excited because we really do not have the extra money but he said he knew I really wanted and needed it and it would help me if I went back to school. Also he said, "Happy wife, Happy life." He is pretty smart. I think he has learned a lot since we have been together for 16 yrs. LOL.

Anyway, yesterday we went to an engagement party/BBQ/campfire. It was a lot of fun! I was a little worried because it was with people he works with and his friends. I am not a big fan of most of his friends but this guy is a really great guy1 Not the type I would figure to settle down but he is really happy and in love with her. It was so much fun! Plus we rode with another couple so neither of us had to worry about drinking and driving. We both got to let loose and it was fun! This was the first time I met the people he works with and they are all really great people! One of the girls came up to me and said," I am so glad to meet you. DH talks about you all the time and he loves you so much! You are a lucky girl!" To which I totally agreed! It made made me feel good!

I hope you all had a great weekend!


Michele said...

Congrats on the new laptop! It took us a bit to pick one out too. I wanted something compact but with a good keyboard and side number panel. We went with an HP; I'm a Mac girl but couldnt justify the cost for just using word processing and the internet. And I'm happy with the computer so it all worked out! My hubs likes playing with stuff, so we didnt have anyone come and do anything, but I think I'd have felt ripped off too after hearing your experience! Sheesh!

Glad the BBQ/engagement party wasnt a total drag!

Cara said...

Hey Michelle - back from the fog, mostly. I have the same kind of computer and LOVE IT!
Missed you and hope to catch up soon.

Sunny said...

What a happy post, I love it! :) I am jealous about your new computer... mine is so slow it's driving me crazy. And it's a Dell so it has a CRAPPY BATTERY and I'm so furious at what a rip-off the batteries are that I refuse to pay $200 to get a new one so I am stuck with a laptop that always has to be plugged in. Sorry, didn't mean to go off like that. I have laptop issues, as you can tell. :)

Barb said...

YAY!!! :D

Another Dreamer said...

Sweet, glad you got a new laptop! How sweet of your husband.

Yeah, they really do try to rip you off at those places. That's why I'm glad my husband is a software programmer and overall computer geek, because I don't know much about computers at all!

JamieD said...

Very cool! I am with you on the tiny keyboards. They keep advertising these laptops that are getting smaller and smaller but I can't figure out who would want one. Sure, it can fit in your purse, but you can't type on it or see the screen!