Saturday, August 8, 2009

Great News!

First of all I have GREAT NEWS!!!! Today I found out that I am getting unemployment. Did you hear my HUGE sigh of RELIEF!!! I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders. I never thought I would be this excited about getting unemployment. I guess that is the good thing about the thought of not getting it...I really appreciate it now. When I got fired I thought I would never make it on the meager makings from unemployment. Now I feel rich beyond belief...I really am not but it feels that way. Plus the paid me for my lat month of unemployment so that was so nice to get. I am sure my bill companies will appreciate it as well!

Anyway, the last few days I have been pretty busy. I am getting ready to go to bed so I am just going to provide a few bullet points.

  • Took my dog Katie Jo to my moms because the family of the friend of our family was in town. We figured Katie probably does not have much time left so we thought they should see her. I don't think she realized who they were since she can't really see or hear. That family thinks Katie lives with my mom because that was what her friend that died wanted but it really was not feasible. My mom felt guilty about it so she keeps up this charade. Funny thing is Katie Jo is suppose to be "her" dog...wink, wink...but she stayed by my side all night.
  • My computer is really pissing me off. It is running so slow...probably because it is old but I have tried everything to get it to run better and it does not seem to be working. I so need a new computer but I do not know how I will EVER afford that.
  • DH and I went out to dinner tonight to celebrate getting unemployment (that just sounds like a funny statement). It was so good. I had stomboli. I have never had it before and it was DELICIOUS!
  • Went grocery shopping...YAY! But I will NEVER...and I repeat NEVER...EVER...go shopping at again on a Friday night. I swear they must only stock one time a week and it happens to be at 10:00pm on Friday night. So of course you can't get down the aisles and everything is cleared off the shelves. However due to my new coupon prowess I :) I saved 75.00 off my bill. I was super excited!
  • We are getting Katie Jo shaved next week and she is going to be SO CUTE! I will have to show pictures.
  • Have a BBQ celebration at MIL's this weekend. Family is in from out of town. There is going to 8000 kids, give or take a few thousand. It should be fun however it is going to be 94 degrees. I think that is the hottest it has gotten all summer here which is surprising for Michigan. the sucky party will be the 1000% humidity that goes along with it. This whole week is suppose to be a scorcher.
  • Getting this money means I hopefully might be able to work out paying my RE so I can go for a visit and hopefully get things going again. I am very excited about that!
  • Still looking, unsuccessfully, for a job. Now, though I am not so much in a hurry.
  • Monday, I go to my orientation about getting into the program for the state to pay for me to go back to school for 2 years now that I am unemployed. I think it is a pretty long waiting list but that is ok. Its free money.
  • Talk to my mortgage company and they just do not make any sense. I told them I could not afford to pay my payments and wanted to apply for hardship assistance. She says a. well we will set you up on a payment plan (which I was on already but could not afford). She says when, in the next 2 weeks, will you be able to pay the down payment of 1600.00? To which I respond...never because I could not pay the payment plan of 1000.00 so why would you think I could pay 1600.00? Then she does it anyway and says, "the computer won't let you be on a payment plan because you can't afford it." - Me-"Uh Duh, that s what I said" - She - "then you will have to pay what you owe in full of around 4000.00 after we send you back the money you have already paid towards that because sense you will not be on a payment plan we don't take partial payment"....Anyone else here as confused as I? If I can't afford 1000.00 or 1600.00 why do you think I can afford 4000.00? and if you already got some money why would you send it back to me only to ask for it again? Isn't some money better then none? - Anyway, I am appying to either get a loan modification since my house is worth about half of what I owe or a loan where they will pay off what I owe now and add to the back end of my mortgage. Hopefully something goes through!
That is all I got for now. I hope you all have a great weekend!


iamstacey said...

Yay for the unemployment! Deep sigh of relief!

And I was so proud of my $10 coupon savings at the grocery store - 'til your $75 savings put me to shame! You totally rock!

Eskimo_Kisses_4_U said...

I'm so glad you are finally on unemployment. I know it isn't great, but when dealing with a tight budget, every little bit DOES help.

I'm with you on the computer issue...on an ancient one because my other one fried itself. Don't have the extra $400 for a new one so trying to make this one last until I do.

So glad things are looking up for you. Hopefully, you'll find something that is right for you...whether it be a job or going back to school or becoming a lotto winner. Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers, hoping that you get the things you need and desire.

'Murgdan' said...

Thrilled for your good news...I needed to hear some good news...


Hope something works out soon in the home department.

KuKd Chick said...

Congrats on getting $$. Always a nice thing to land in your lap. ;-) said...

WOOT WOOT!! I'm so glad to hear that!!

i've never had stromboli either? it sounds tasty though :)

yeah i have no idea what your ins. company was trying to say??

WOot for the possibility of RE appts again!!!

i hope the humidity eases up! It was like that here all week in MN and now we're on day #2 of solid rain, hopefully you guys will get that soon. Have a great weekend!

Sunny said...

Hooray for unemployment! WHEW! What a relief, I'm so glad for you.

Stromboli is awesome. My mom had a recipe she used to make when we were growing up. It was one of my favorites.

I am SOOOO excited for you to go back to the RE. :D

Jackie said...

It's amazing how little things like unemployment can brighten your day! lol. Glad you got it though :) We actually made more money on unemployment after my DH got fired last year than he makes at his current job! Yikes! Sorry your mortgage company isn't being very understanding though. Bill companies just don't get it. Good luck on the loan!
Oh, and I noticed that you're also from MI! Yay! :) It's always nice to see people who are kind of close-by.

Demara said...

Glad to hear of the good news.
btw, I'm sure you're getting the heat wave that has left us for a short time and is to return most likely after you've experienced it there for sure you find AC and fast...maybe would be the best, even on a Friday night...just to stay cool :)

battynurse said...

Yay on the unemployment!!! That's fantastic. That bank for your mortgage just sounds stupid. Granted I know they are just trying to get their money etc but really don't be stupid. I hope the loan modification or something else works out.

Triumph said...

I am so happy for you, wish we had that where I am from.

All the best.