Saturday, August 29, 2009

Nephews and their pics

Last night we babysat my nephews. First we had No.ah by himself because Joey was the ring bearer in a wedding and then I went and picked Joey up so mom and dad could go back to the reception. Jo.ey was so darn cute in his tux. He insisted he was ugly and wanted everyone to say so. It must start at a young age with boys not wanting to be dressed up. He received a toy rocket for his present for standing up in the wedding and he was so excited about that. When I got back after picking him up Noah who was half asleep when I left was now wide awake and running around having so much fun. he kept telling me he wanted to dance and would just run and jump on his but or something. He has no fear of anything. he can bang his head so hard and then get up like nothing happened. Jo.ey is such the complete opposite of that.

Anyway, No.ah was playing rough with his Uncle as usual. the next thing I see is he falls and he comes up crying holding his hand. He won't move his pinky finger and it is swelling up. I thought it was broken so I get ice and try to call mommy. He stops crying after about a minute after the ice and says "I feel better". so I say make a fist, which he does with the other hand. i say "do it with the other hand." He does (not with the pinky) and yells "I did it I did it!". I start checking it out thinking I feel bone and have DH look at it. he squeezes and No.ah starts crying again saying it hurts. I put more ice on it and he says it feels better. I call sis again and No.ah is in the background saying..."I not crying. I not crying." He was all smiles like nothing happened. I of course was still worried. Jo.ey says he is calling the dr and pretends to call and tells No.ah he has to go to the dr. No.ah was happy about that. I am thinking please Lord don't let it be broken. Anyway, as the night goes on he is off and on about it hurting and I try bending it when he is not paying attention and he does not react so I start to feel better that it is not broken. Basically I think he jammed it pretty good. He was just so good about it and so cute. He kept telling me he wanted a hug or a high five. I told him I would give him a great big bear hug and he said "No, I want an Aunt Shell hug." ...they just melt my heart all the time. Well, my sis let me know that she checked it out this morning and it is not broke so that is good news. I felt so bad.

We came home last night and Sammy was back to yelping. So after looking up info about his pain meds I gave him a little more and he finally went to sleep with DH. Today he seems ok.

Today, we went to MIL to help move furniture around after she had a bunch of people over for the last month. She needed help getting the house back in order. Then I went to a friends house that I had not seen in about a year and we went to a late lunch. It was nice catching up with her. Actually, the house I live in was hers. Her and I started work at the place I just left on the same day and we became friends. She moved and bought a new house and was paying 2 house payments. She knew I wanted a house so one day after she had left the company she called and asked if I wanted to buy her house and she would pay the down payment and closing costs. I was sold! The house was great because her husband was in construction and everything except the bathroom had been redone recently.

It was nice getting caught up. We can never get schedules to coincide because she is pretty busy with her 3 kids. So we have been trying for months to get together and today was like the only day we could get in. I had fun. I am home now and hubby is going to his friends now for a while.

Well, I am happy this week is over and I am hoping that next week goes a lot better.

For your enjoyment...and mine...Here are some great pics of my nephews...




Sunny said...

Love the pictures! Nothing like a little kiddo in a tux. :) And I love that Noah was trying to pretend he wasn't hurt, what a sweetie. I'm glad all was okay.

KuKd Chick said...

Cute pictures!

Barb said...

So sweet. I hope he's ok! We have 3 nephews, and I love it. :)

Triumph said...

Michelle your nephews are super cute. Noah is just a typical man, does'nt like to admit they are really hurt. He is a Knight in shining armour

strongblonde said...

it's so great that you get to hang out with your nephews. everyone lives far away from me.... :(